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Currently, I am taking care of 18 cats in my house, including our self-invited guests: the momma cat and her babies. I have another cat, diagnosed with diabetes, and he lives in my office. My diabetic son has to be fed with diabetic food throughout his life and needs to be taken to the vet once a month for the regular controls. I am doing my best to cover their food, litter, and clinic expenses. I also try to provide for the stray animals around my house and office by feeding them and taking them to the clinic when it is needed. From time to time, some people abandon sick and wounded cats outside my home or office. Thanks to you and your endless support, I have been able to help these poor animals to get the necessary medical treatment. In order to continue to do my best while keeping my 19 children and God-knows-how-many stray animals happy and healthy, I need your precious support.