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Helpy is a modern helpdesk platform written in Ruby on Rails and released under the MIT license. The goal of Helpy is to power your support email and ticketing, integrate seamlessly with your app, and run an amazing customer helpcenter.

It is currently in use in thousands of businesses around the globe, with more being added every day.  It has been installed over 100,000 times via GitHub and over 60,000 times by way of Docker.

Helpy is licensed under the MIT license, and is an open-core project. This means that the core functionality is 100% open source and fully hackable or even re-sellable under the MIT license. 

Helpy is a large system and cannot exist purely as a hobby project. If you use it in a money generating capacity, it makes good sense to support the project financially to help ensure the longevity of the project.  Your support can come in two forms- as an official project sponsor, or as a supporter.

Sponsoring Helpy

Sponsors get valuable exposure to a large audience of end users and developers.  Several different sponsor options are available offering everything from a logo placement on our site and github repo, to actual mention in the software itself.

Supporting Helpy

Individuals can also support Helpy with a smaller monthly commitment.  You will be recognized as supporter on our supporters page, and for your support we will be forever grateful!

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