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About Henry Boseley

Hi, I’m Henry, and on my channel The Closer Look I make video essays on film to help aspiring writers and directors learn their craft, or just to help the average Joe understand storytelling a little better.

I used to work at a supermarket with poor grades and low prospects, but in November of 2017, I quit that job (because it crushed my soul a bit) and ever since have been lucky enough to be living my passion of making video essays for you guys on The Closer Look. This channel has really given me a purpose in life, one that I never knew before as for the first time it feels like I’m actually adding value to people’s lives, rather than stacking shelves with Shreddies and discount bleach. Which for a period of my life is all I did.

If my channel were to fail, I’d probably have to go back to that immensely unfulfilling job, and that thought terrifies me. But by supporting me here you will be providing me a stable income I can always rely on which gives me great peace of mind, allowing me to experiment as I constantly take risks and create the videos I want to make, and you will also get access to a bunch of cool rewards like my Patreon exclusive discord and consultation sessions.

But where exactly is this money going? I will give you full transparency. Right now I am living with my mum and step-dad. I want nothing more than to move out and have my own place, but that is unrealistic right now as my income varies by up to 300% some months and I have no idea if my job will even exist in a year's time because of article 13 and other changes that may just end my career with a Thanos snap.

With most of the money you give to me, I will be saving it up to finally buy my own place, probably a cheap old flat. Then once I buy said home: I will start thinking about hiring a team, hiring a PA to help me organise my work so I can make more videos, hiring a professional editor so I can pump out even more videos and increase the quality of my essays with fancy graphics. There are a lot of things I can spend money on to improve The Closer Look, and as right now it's just a one-man-band.

My lifetime goal is to become a novelist and run a modest media company that makes content for YouTube. My debut novel will be out in 2021 and with your support on Patreon, as well as the income that book generates I will hopefully be making content for The Closer Look and writing my novels for a long time to come.

For every dollar you give to me on Patreon, that dream of mine will take one step closer to becoming a reality, and for that words can't express how grateful I am :)

Thank you so much for supporting me, if you ever want to chat about anything at all you can always find me on discord. If for some reason it doesn't connect you when you support me, use this backup link: https://discord.com/invite/aJpYPQX

Have a fantastic day :)

- Henry
$485.69 of $500 per month
I will start doing a monthly live stream on YouTube where I and the community critique your screenplay/novel. It will be public so any of my subscribers can watch and interact however only my patrons (You lovely lads ;D) will be allowed to submit writing to be critiqued.
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