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Henry’s Haven rescues animals from desperate situations. We embrace all animals regardless of age, medical issues, or temperament, making us a safe haven for all animals. Most of our cats will go on to be adopted; but those who aren’t will have a loving home at Henry’s Haven for the duration of their lives.

What Makes Us Unique:
  • We do not choose cats based on “adoptability” so we are a haven for ALL cats. We consider it an honor to care for and cherish these cats.
  • Extraordinary medical care will be made available to every cat no matter their condition, even those deemed as difficult cases. Cats will receive all the medical care they need to thrive, regardless of cost.
  • We operate an almost 100% cage free sanctuary to provide an extremely nurturing environment. We offer the tenderness, patience, and personalized care that cats need to be able to trust humans and feel as safe and secure as possible.
  • Our building and rooms were designed specifically to be comfortable and to meet cats needs for stimulation and access to fresh air.
  • Our personal devotion to ALL cats. Love, grace, and compassion guide all our interactions with any animal we take in. We are committed to treating each and every cat or animal with respect and generosity, and to be a pure community of love for all animals.
  • We are a no-kill rescue group committed to saving all healthy and treatable pets. We only ever consider euthanizing terminal, non-rehabilitable pets who are irremediably suffering, or in acute, irreversible pain. Every pet’s life is precious and we do not make this decision lightly. Multiple opinions will be gathered before this decision is ever made.
  • We are committed to educating the community on animal care, spay and neuter, and through resources to keep pets safe and healthy.
We pull cats from local shelters that would very quickly be euthanized from overcrowding or “undesirable” personalities. Most cats when placed in a better environment will respond much better and in fact do have desirable personalities and can go on to be adopted. Even cats that are slower to respond to human interaction due to their past are usually able to gain trust with some patience and love.
We also work with barn placement programs for feral cats that need relocation and are involved with community efforts and initiatives for TNR.
We adhere to a holistic and integrative approach to treating and maintaining our animals health and will always try methods to heal the root cause of any medical issues rather than mask symptoms with medications. Our philosophy on nutrition is the same; to provide high-quality (organic when possible) food that is free from questionable fillers, ingredients, and chemicals.
Before adopting out any animals we make sure that they are spayed/neutered vaccinated appropriately, and micro-chipped.


We have many goals here at Henry’s Haven, including purchasing land to expand our efforts to include other animals, independent suites for FIV+ and FelV+ cats/kittens, and a facility to accommodate disabled cats.

Our Mission

To rescue, rehabilitate, and care for suffering and homeless cats in a no-kill environment until each is adopted into responsible homes, foster kindness for ALL animals, and to advocate humane values and behavior.

Our Vision

A world that fosters and inspires reverence and kindness for all animals and communities that work together for a peaceful and respectful relationship with all species.
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