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About Henry the Artist


Most likely you are already familiar with my work as a Seattle artist, if not check out more info HERE CLICK! Your love and support is what is allowing me to pursue my dreams! And it has been quite a journey since 2008 as a full time artist. I am here at a crossroads between keeping up on my mural jobs, commissions and continuing work with Upcycle Edutainment to bring you videos documenting my artistic endeavors. Our goal is to always keep these videos free and to continue making more. See what we're creating, subscribe to my YouTube, it's pretty rad! 

Dream BIG!

We have big dreams and goals for our work together including;
music videos, documentaries that will be sent around the world to film festivals, lots of silly short films, animations and cartoons, international mural work, more traveling! bigger and better art shows and we want to document and share it ALL with YOU!  

What is Patreon? 

It's like a digital tip jar for artists - only YOU get something too. By giving a small monthly contribution we will create and share special content that only patrons will get to see, including blooper videos, interviews, conversations during the creative process, mural sketches, coloring book pages that you can print and color, early entry to my art shows, and all sorts of goodies that we will continue to add. You will also be able to make posts on our page, share you artistic creations, ideas, and give us feedback on what YOU want to see more of.  

Why I'm on Patreon

Working as a full time artist is a full time adventure! We are constantly diving into the unknown, everyday brings us something new, and we want to grow and expand our craft, we want to inspire and bring together our community, and we can't imagine living our lives any other way. That also means that sometimes we don't know where our next paycheck is going to come from, or when. With the consistency of having a large number of small contributions each month we can rest a little easier.

What we will do with your support

You are helping us open doors where there were none before!

Your contributions will help us pay bills, buy art supplies, invest in new video equipment, expand our potential and explore new possibilities. We see this as a way to create more TIME, and we all know that is PRICELESS. We will be able to spend our time finding international mural work, enter our videos into film festivals, and so much more. 

If you love what I do - and you'd like to see more of it, consider becoming my patron. Every tiny bit helps keep me pushing, painting, creating and lightening up the world around me - and you get to laugh at me while I do it.

Join me in this crazy world of creatures, color & smiles. Share just a little bit of love and see how it grows. I can't wait to share what I'm doing!

If you have any questions or concerns there are many ways to connect with us;
and we will be happy to help! 
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If we meet this goal we will be able to focus more on our art! AND more silliness for YOU! It gives us time to stay healthy, create continually and share what we're doing with you. Your support means the world to us!
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