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(I don't drink coffee so maybe bubble tea is more relevant 😂)

You'll get access to the patron-only feed here.

I've been just doing daily updates but will probably move to more long form content

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If you're in the city (or vice-versa), come play some board games with me! 

Recently I've been playing 7 Wonders, Dixit, Kingdomino, and a lot of Codenames!

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Thanks for supporting my work!

I'll add you to the Supporter section at henryzoo.com/tha...


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If you're in the city, come play some ping pong with me (or vice-versa) 😄! We can play in the neighborhood in the summer or a local club.

And if your office has a table we definitely...


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If you're in town (and I'm there) I'll cook some 🍖KBBQ with you 🍲! (or just go to ktown if I'm lazy haha)

Some food - links - here !

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Help fund a desktop computer for streaming. EDIT: I bought the capture card to livest...

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You'll get your name or company logo on the Babel Readme on GitHub!

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> If you are looking for help using Babel specifically we will be adding a tier for Support on our Open Collective.

If you want general help for per hour of time (whether it's for...