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If you're looking for the first game to be completed on this Patreon, "Magic Matchup", you can get the finished game exclusively at for $5!
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Hey there! We're working on an 18+ only video game called "Eroding Ego"!

(By the way, you can right click and pick "open image in new tab" on any of the artwork here to see it at full resolution!)

So let's get right into what this game is and its features!

Eroding Ego is a hybrid Visual Novel/Action-Adventure Game within the Science Fiction genre. What does that mean?

It means that unlike a standard Visual Novel, you'll be;
  • Fighting enemies in top-down action gameplay
  • Utilizing various features to emphasize or weaken your statements
  • And more!

But before we go any farther, let's talk about the basic plot itself!
(mild, early game spoilers ahead; we can't really explain much about the game without giving this part away, unfortunately)

Set in the year 2050, you play the part of Arbin (click here to hear his theme!), a 25 year old, ex-eSports pro with a talent for reading people like a book.

A year or so ago your (now) ex-girlfriend broke up with you out of the blue, and since then, you haven't heard anything from her; in fact, she seems to have just dropped off of the face of the earth.

You've mostly moved on though, and otherwise your life's been pretty good. That is, until you were swiftly teleported out of the blue (despite that technology not even being invented yet, to your knowledge!) to a laboratory with technology beyond anything you'd ever seen before!

(Click here to hear the Laboratory theme!)

Before you can find your bearings, an older woman walks up to you, clad in what seems to be her pajamas.

Apologizing for the rude and abrupt way of bringing you here, she introduces herself as Loura (click here to hear her theme!), the head of the laboratory, and the main inventor of most of the technology you see before you.

She then gets to explaining why you've been brought here; to be brief about it, it was your ex-girlfriend, Viridia (click here to hear her theme!), that asked for you. You ask where she's at, and Loura points, sadly, at the large globe in front of you; it appears that Viridia's entire consciousness is within this super-computer.

Loura goes on to explain that a few months ago, Viridia was the victim of a horrific car accident, practically obliterating her body. Given Viridia's family's powerful connections though (and her own stardom, being an amateur actress), they had heard of a woman who was a hermit within her own lab, researching revolutionary cures and surgeries.

After getting ahold of Loura, Viridia's parents, desperate to save their daughter, agreed to let Loura enact any and all methods she saw fit to save her, and thus the process to re-grow a new body for Viridia's was started. However, Viridia's consciousness, memories, and so on needed to be kept intact during the 6 months it would take for this procedure, and as such the second part of the treatment was to transport her consciousness into this supercomputer, keeping her alive and well on both ends of the spectrum.

For the first three months, everything went perfectly; unfortunately, things have started to take a turn for the worse.

(Click here to hear the first computer world battle theme!)

It seems that some sort of virus has begun to infect Viridia's super-computer
, and while the rest of the staff (which we'll cover in a second) are all geniuses in their own right, their reaction time when it comes to dealing with these viruses is... not that great, to say the least.

This is where you come in. Viridia, knowing your history as an ex-eSports gamer, knows that you'd by far have the reaction time and skills needed to deal with the viruses. So your job, on paper, is to clear out these bugs once a day, preventing Viridia's mindscape from being corrupted.

But... there's a second job Viridia AND Loura wanted you to do, as well. You see, this laboratory is completely sealed off from the outside world electronically, and as such, that means that the only way this virus got into the system was if someone working at the laboratory put them there.

Click the links below for the last three remaining character themes! (If you missed the other themes, just ctrl+F "theme"!)

Viridia knows full well that you're adept at reading other people, and even moreso, she knows that you're a skilled manipulator as well; you've broken down people's mental defenses in the past, a skill strengthened from your history in professional gaming.

So on top of clearing out Viridia's viruses, you'll also need to investigate the other three women at the lab to see which of them could possibly be trying to destroy Viridia, and why.

As one final note, while these women usually have very discerning tastes in men, they've been effectively locked to their chairs working for the last three months, and on top of their eccentric and highly, highly secretive job, they've had no social life or contact with practically anyone besides each other for quite a while now.

Meaning, if you play your cards right, you could end up with one (or more) of these women. Don't think that you're going to be able to get away with doing anything in secret at this lab, though; there are eyes and ears everywhere, both real... and virtual. So look before you leap, so to speak.

So, to recap, your goals are;
  • Protect Viridia by clearing out the viruses attacking her.
  • Investigate who's behind the viruses, at all costs.
  • Keep yourself safe from those who would pin the blame on you.
  • Figure out the truth behind why Viridia broke up with you back then...
  • ...and why she's acting so differently now.

With all that said, let's jump into gameplay features then!


  • An extremely dense, branching storyline with countless choices and paths!
    • Over 40 completely different endings!
    • Your actions throughout all areas of the game affect day to day outcomes!
  • 5 women that you can get with, with each one having three scenes!
  • Mystery, Horror, Romance, and Action/Adventure are the four genre focuses!
    • There's no guro though, so don't worry!
  • Fully composed soundtrack with over 30 songs!

  • Fight a wide variety of enemies, all with different behaviors and attacks!
  • Old school action gameplay!
  • Multiple arenas to fight on!

  • Explore an isometric environment and multiple rooms that show off the personality of each character!
  • Investigate and track the behaviors and clues left behind by each character!
  • Find and exploit their weaknesses to get them to reveal the truth to you about themselves!
  • Seduce them to win them over even more to your side (or get seduced, your choice!)
  • And finally, last, but not least, use the Sincerity Bar to show the conviction of your responses!

Wait... the "Sincerity Bar"? What's that?
During conversations in the game, some of your choices may lead to a "Sincerity Bar" event; during these events, a bar will scroll rapidly back and forth at the bottom of the screen.

If you land it in the middle, your response will be as is; for example, the neutral response might be "Sure, I'm up to help." However, if you land it in the left-most third, you'll give a pitiful, weak response like "U-um... I guess, I could help, sure."

And if you land it in the right-most third, you'll give an explosive, passionate reply, like "Yeah, of COURSE I'll help out!"

Your choices during these events can shift conversations one way or the other; there is no "right" or "wrong" amount of "sincerity" per each event, so you'll need to gauge what you feel would work the best for the person you're talking to, in regards to guiding the conversation the way you want.


Finally, the rewards and demo releases! How do they work, you ask?

***All demos are posted to the Activity Feed, under the "featured tag" that says "Demo" on the left of the Activity Feed!***

And as far as the rewards go, they're fairly straight forward; around the first week of each month, I'll be sending you an email to the email on your Patreon account, asking you some questions regarding your reward. (For example, at the $5 level, I'll ask what name you'd like displayed in the credits.)

Here's some additional information on how they work, too;
  • Any of the rewards titled (OPTIONAL REWARD) are simply that; you don't have to have your name in the credits/game/etc. if you don't want, for example.
  • For all the (OPTIONAL REWARDS), pledging just ONCE at that tier PERMANENTLY gets you that specific reward; you never have to pledge again!
  • Access to the activity feed (at the $1 and above level), as well as monthly demos (at the $5 and above level), requires monthly pledges.
  • Finally, all (OPTIONAL REWARDS) are one time only; meaning, if you pledge at say, the $10 tier one month, pledging again won't get you your name in the background of the game twice.

We'll be posting updates to the Activity Feed weekly, and we'll also be reading the activity feed daily and responding to any and all questions within 24 hours, so if you've got anything you're curious about regarding the game, critique, so on, feel free to ask!

That about wraps things up; we hope you're looking forward to the game, and we're extremely grateful for any and all support you can give us to let us make this game a reality!


As a final note, if you'd like to check out the other games that HentaiWriter is heading, you can find those below;

For the Future Fragments Patreon, that's at

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