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About Hentami

Creating erotic games, audio, pictures and occasionally behind the scenes photos

The Casting Couch

Open World, Main Quest, lighthearted fuck fest


Open World, Main Quest, merciless and dark adventure

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Build your own casting company. Recruit girls, find love, make cash, upgrade your life, explore Fuxor city and become the biggest dick in the amateur porn industry! Online rankings and Online message boards.


OATHBREAKER, Begin your journey as a man hiding from his violent past with his family in the harsh Northlands. Set out on an epic quest, dialog heavy, explore dungeons, fight monters, gain items and quench the flames of your destiny.


[Public Versions] All content free in time!

Hentami: VOL 1 - Teen HouseSitter
Hentami: VOL 2 - Carnival w/ Larry
Hentami: VOL 3 - Columbiana
Hentami: VOL 4 - The Thousand Halls

Hentami: VOL 5 - Vendetta
Hentami: VOL 6 - After School
Hentami: VOL 7 - The Casting Couch_WIN7+
Hentami: VOL 8 - Oathbreaker

[Hentami Erotic Audio]

NSFW Audio: soundgasm

[Hentami Collab Projects]

Our games follow all content rules set by Patreons TOS
characters portrayed are 18+ adults, with all necessary consent forms that fictional characters need to meet all moral and ethical Safety requirements.

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Thank you so much for being a part of my journey. Lets make every ending happy!

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