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Hey there, BCK here! HAHA
You are probably familiar with that expression by now :)

Let's get down to business

Why are we here in Patreon?
You are here because you clicked on a link that told you there was some extra special support page where I could reward you for showing the love and supporting my work.
Me on the other hand: I set my mind on using Patreon when this YouTube thing became more than a hobby, I would pretty much love to help you by creating more videos... But you know life, the bills keep coming and you have to pay them somehow.

What do YOU get out of it?
This is what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about Patreon: REWARDS!!!! I get to give back to the awesome supporters or should I dare call you a Patron starting today? YAY, I'm pretty sure you want to scroll down for a bit and check out what is available for rewards, go ahead I'll just chill while you see what you like.

Great, you're back! As I was saying, the rewards are there for the taking so go for it! Yes I'm pumped, excited about this! I get to focus on investing my time and effort in the channel and you get cool things for helping me stretch my hands to the sky. LETS DO THIS!

But dude, how does this work?
Basically a month to month kickstarter (if you know what it is or used it yourself). Pretty easy, you can pledge any amount of money starting from 1$ by using your card and Patreon takes care of the rest. In return for that you will get access to my Patreon exclusive content, being called a Patron of the arts (sounds intellectual and sophisticated right?) and many other awesome rewards!

Damn man, does this mean you are going to stop or reduce the YouTube content?
NO FRIGGIN WAY!! This will give you supporters some extra stuff, the main content will still be up for free on the channel.
This just means that once we get the ball rolling and reach some milestones I will be able to dedicate most of my time to making more content. Right now juggling between work, social life, gym, practice, research and editing is hard, not to say nearly impossible.

So why should I make a pledge?
Any pledge will make a world of a difference to me, why? It keeps me motivated to give back to the community and also brings me closer to full dedication to the YouTube channel and giving great content to all of you supporters!

And how is this different from a plain donation?
The obvious answer is the rewards, the good answer is that this is set up to automatically work month to month unlike a 1-time donation, even if you are a recurring donor you wouldn't have to go through the hassle of remembering and donating manually.

Nevertheless, If you feel like just doing the one time donation thing please do so.

This method is also very motivating for me as a creator because not only will I be constantly making Patreon content but also I will have more feedback which translates into better content for the YouTube channel.

I'm pretty sure I covered everything you might want to know :)
BCK out! Peace!
$0 of $200 per month
As a kickstarter to give back masively to our followers we want to give away skins, gold, mounts and any other vanity items we can gather from the games we are playing. This will happen directly on the YouTube Channel but our Patrons will get special treatment (as in special giveaways just for patrons), so don't think we are forgetting you ;)
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