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Accidental Passerby

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You stumble upon a strange cave and find an old hermit who tells stories. You decide to stay a while and indulge him.

 •  Four extra chapters for Enlightened Empire! Two extra chapters for anything else! Value for your money!  
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Regular Visitor

/ month
You liked the hermit's story, so you decide to come by from time to time and listen to more. What's the worst that could happen?

 •  Advanced chapters! Read ten chapters of Enlightened Empire ahead of everyone else! Five Chapters for anything else!

 •  Read additional side stories and fables from the land of Yakuallpa, as I write them.
Includes Discord benefits
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On A Sabbatical

/ month
Lured by the hermit's tales you decided to escape the slog of daily life for a while and listen to some more stories

 •  More Chapters! Twenty advanced chapters for Enlightened Empire! Ten for whatever else I end up writing!

 •   Read additional side stories and fables from the land of Yakuallpa as I write them.

 •  The free ebook once I release something on amazon. 

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