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Along with unlocking Tip Jar rewards, supporting us at this level will unlock all of our additional content, including patron-only podcasts, fully detailed NPCs, home-brew subclasses and races, dungeons, factions, and more. Additionally, your name will be listed as a supporter on all HNI published content.



About Heroes Not Included

Thank you for visiting our patreon page! Whether you're here to learn more about Heroes Not Included or you would like to become a patron, the cast and I appreciate your interest.

Heroes Not Included was a serialized story podcast featuring actual play using the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast. I produced this weekly show that followed the adventures of a ragtag group seeking fame and fortune across Faerûn and the planes of the multiverse for six seasons and over 100 episodes.

But the weekly show was only the beginning. With homebrew roleplaying game content dating back to the 80s, I have a vast collection of material and a depth of experience that I want to share with all of you. Our patrons get access to patron-only posts, monthly updates, meta-game and behind the scenes content. They can listen to the unedited podcasts, featuring meta-game discussions, fart noises, and more. Patrons also can watch gaming tips and tricks videos, receive unique fully detailed characters, access to an occasional actual play podcast that highlights various roleplaying game systems, and play kits featuring additional factions, subclasses, characters, magic items, and dungeons.

Along with all this great content, patrons also have an opportunity to make a real difference in my life. I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease in 2014. Since that time, my ability to work a traditional job has been hindered by a failing body. This has meant an almost monthly struggle to make ends meet. By supporting me, you will not only be getting some great roleplaying game content and behind the scenes Heroes Not Included stuff, you will be helping me cover the cost of medical expenses, groceries, and even rent.

More About the Support Rewards
In addition to being listed as a patron and a supporter of the podcast and the various contents that I will produce, and behind-the-screen content, patrons receive a variety of occasional content that they can use to make their own tabletop gaming even better.

Heroes Not Included Uncut
Patrons get access to our HNI Uncut podcast series. Each one of these podcasts is the unedited and uncut version of the episodes that are available through your favorite podcast app. This contains all our various meta-game discussions, character motivation questions, rules lawyering, and more. If you like behind-the-screen details, worts and all, then this is a great series for you.

Patron Only Podcast
Patrons also gain special access to our occasional patrons-only serialized podcast featuring unedited actual play of various roleplaying game systems by the Heroes Not Included cast. These are great ways to learn more about a particular system. We recently played Catalyst Game Labs new edition of Shadowrun, the hard science fiction game Eclipse Phase, the 1980s inspired Tales From the Loop, a romp around Seattle in the Marvel universe using TSR’s classic Marvel Super Heroes, and we have just finished an epic Star Wars campaign.

Currently, we are playing through the exciting Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus featuring long time cast member Josh Hettel, patron Brett Gorley as the Dungeon Master, and yours truly stepping out from behind the screen to play a character. Unlike previous podcasts, this series features us using video and chat technologies to play remotely. So, if you ever wanted to stare longingly at our gorgeous mugs then this is a singular opportunity.

Fully Detailed Characters
Patrons also occasionally receive a fully detailed character for use in their own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. Need a villain to face off against your player characters? Looking for some ready-made characters for a one-shot adventure for new players? The characters will come with a fleshed out background that gives them a context. Also, these non-player characters come with detailed personalities, an outline of their motivations, and other personal characteristics that will make them playable and useable immediately. And I include a fully detailed stat block with each one. As with everything I create for patrons, it will all be available for your to tweak and make it your own.

Play Kits
And finally, patrons can receive a play kit that features a unique gang or faction or sect that will contain fully detailed characters, minions, a history of the group and information how the group fits within the broader Forgotten Realms setting. Though, they are kept general enough to fit in almost any fantasy setting available. Are you putting together a new campaign or adventure but you only have a limited amount of time? Are you looking for a unique context for a player character idea? These play kits can provide you with a packet of material that can be used to help create a memorable adventure and all you have to do is add some player characters. In addition, these occasional play kits sometimes feature new home-brew subclasses, races, artifacts, magical weapons, and more.

About Quinn
The creator, producer, and writer of Heroes Not Included, Quinn Sowers (@sowersian) is an avid CCG player, gamer, tabletop games enthusiast, and a writer who has been playing and running roleplaying games in the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years.

It all began when TSR released the 3rd edition of their Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set in 1979. When most kids my age were chasing after crushes, I spent endless hours leaning over a table covered in strange dice, cryptic sheets of paper, pewter figures, and dustings of snack food crumbs. Not only did discovering roleplaying games help me overcome my dyslexia, the games proved to be the spark that ignited a lifelong love of storytelling and adventure.

Nothing in my life has been left untouched by this love for roleplaying games. Over the years, I have played everything from FASA’s Star Trek RPG to Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk 2020 published by R. Talsorian Games to Siembieda’s RIFTS and the classic Star Wars RPG from West End Games. But through it all “the original fantasy roleplaying game,” in all its incarnations, has remained the touchstone.

Podcast of Foes
Heroes Not Included was excited to participate in the fantastic Podcasts of Foes event from Wizards of the Coast. We produced a special episode, featuring our Season 4 cast, that debuted on 10 May 2018 on Wizards’ Dungeon Delve podcast feed. This special one-shot episode, wherein the cast take on some of the most dangerous foes in the Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes book can be found here
8 of 20 patrons
Once we have 20 patrons, I will release a sneak peek at the new tabletop roleplaying game I'm writing. Star Broncos RPG takes places in a science fiction western setting inspired by Bravestarr, Firefly, and more.
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