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Thank you! Please enjoy:
  • A 20x20 battlemap each month, designed for patrons
  • A 2nd map: alt-version of the MotM 
  • A multi-page illustrated adventure supplement 
  • A 3rd 20x20 battlemap
  • A 20x20 level of a multi-level dungeon
  • Three variants maps (of the MotM)
  • A 1-page GM Resource Sheet for a recently released map
  • Access to the Year 1 vault - a back catalogue of 34 maps
  • Exclusive freebie bonus map tiles
  • Regular discount codes for our new products on DrivethruRPG
  • Mapping diary - a look at our work, info on upcoming maps etc

Everything plus Sci-Fi

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Thank you Sci-Fi fans!


Choosing this tier means you can enjoy:

  • All $5 tier rewards
  • A Sci-Fi themed 20x20 map each month
  • Plus any Sci-Fi related bonus tiles and discounts



About Heroic Maps

Hello! Welcome to our Patreon Map of the Month Club.

Heroic Maps create battlemaps for tabletop fantasy and sci-fi RPGs. We want to help players explore absolutely everywhere by making RPG maps covering every kind of location. Your support will mean we can provide GMs with even more places in which to let their players run riot and to thank you we have some great rewards.

Thinking of supporting us? Please read our 

Become one of our patrons, supporting our work making battlemaps for tabletop RPG games and get maps every month that are exclusive to Patreon for a whole year, plus other cool rewards (see below). See our FAQ.

We thought a map of the month club would be a fun way to thank our friends for all their support, both here and on social media and DrivethruRPG over the past few years.

By kindly becoming a patron of Heroic Maps on Patreon, you will help us have a more predictable income and that will allow us to spend more time creating maps.  

Most importantly, we have some great rewards for you.  And, the more patrons we have, the more rewards everyone gets.

Choose our "$5 or more per month" reward tier to support our work and every month we will provide you with a link to download your patron-only rewards. These are in pdf, jpg and/or png format as appropriate, and in grid and gridless versions.

Choose our $8 tier if you would also like to receive all of the $5 tier rewards plus a Sci-Fi themed map every month that is exclusive to patrons for a year (and Sci-Fi related bonuses of course!)

Every month that you support us, you can download a bundle of maps and supplements that your support and ideas have helped to create!

Every month our $5 patrons receive 7 maps and 2 adventure supplements!
  • a 20x20 (often bigger) battlemap designed for patrons
  • an alternate version of the Map of the Month designed with patrons' ideas (Goal: 100+ patrons - achieved) 
  • a 5 page, illustrated adventure supplement for the MotM, with plot hooks, monsters, NPCs, items etc (Goal: 150 patrons - achieved)
  • a third 20x20 map designed from patron suggestions (Goal: 300 patrons - achieved)
  • a GM Resources sheet for a recent map release (Goal: 375 patrons - achieved)
  • a 20x20 level from a multi-level dungeon (Goal: 475 patrons - achieved)
  • 3 variants of the Map of the Month (Goal: 625 patrons - achieved)
  • Access to the Year 1 Vault - every map released in our first year on Patreon. (Goal: 625 patrons - achieved)

As well as these rewards, our patrons also get: 
  • exclusive, freebie bonus map tiles for sets such as our modular kits, as and when we make them 
  • regular discount codes for our new products on DrivethruRPG
  • access to our Mapping Diary - read about the things we are making, see sneak peaks etc
  • the chance to suggest and vote on various Patreon map ideas 
  • access to our patrons' community where you can share ideas with us and with other patrons who are using our maps
How will I receive my rewards?
On Rewards day (or when you join), you'll be sent a set of codes for the maps on DrivethruRPG. Clicking these codes will add the maps to your DTRPG account for free. You are then free to download the maps whenever you choose - they'll stay in your account at DTRPG forever. We just ask that you click the code and claim the maps within 2 months of receiving the code.

We are Joe and Sarah and we have been designing and making detailed, high-res battlemaps and terrains for tabletop RPG games since 2013.  These are available on DrivethruRPG as pdf and jpg downloads for printing or VTT.  We have a huge backlog of ideas for RPG maps that we want to make, quite a few of which have been suggested by you, and we would love to spend more time making them.  
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NEW MAP: SCI-FI VARIANT - we'll be able to add a variant of the Sci-Fi MotM to $8 reward bundles. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 270 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 270 exclusive posts

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