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Access to the Hero: Tales of the Tomes discord server where I will host playtest games using Tabletop Simulator when I want to try out new ideas. 

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Beta Previews

Previews of upcoming content, including early concept cards and heroes as well as doodle deck/sketch illustrations. 

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Alpha Previews

Previews of very early upcoming content, initial concepts for heroes, cards and expansions as well as doodle deck/sketch illustrations.

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About Jimmy Ellerth

Hero: Tales of the Tomes is a multiplayer card game in which each of the players takes the role of a legendary hero and battles it out until only one is left standing. The gameplay is fast and exciting. With all the potential for twists and comebacks, you'll never truly feel out of the game.

I came to Patreon as a way to continue to work on the project without having to constantly create different large scale Kickstaters, and instead be able to focus on ways to improve the game and make it better for the community that already loves it. With your support I'll be able to make more heroes and expansions, improve on the gameplay in the base set, and make it something we can continue to play and enjoy.

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Thanks to your support, you've sponsored for me to get a coffee once per week. Should make some of those longer conventions a little easier.
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