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About Tom and Ben

What is Herpetological Highlights?

Hello reptile and amphibian fans! Thank you for your interest in our humble podcast. Since May 2017 we have been creating a twice-monthly podcast all about reptile and amphibian science. We read some new scientific journals, digest them, and spit them back out at you while trying to be vaguely humorous. 

You can listen to the podcast completely free at our website and find us on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

Who are you?

We are two friends who have a big interest in scaled and slimy animals. Tom is a PhD student at Bangor University in Wales, studying the antics of the Aesculapian snake - a non-native species which has been introduced to Wales by human activity. Ben is an ecologist splitting his time between England and Thailand, trying to make sense of king cobras and all their comings and goings. We met studying snakes, and we haven't stopped talking about them since. 

Why do you need support?

Unfortunately, running a podcast isn't free. We must pay monthly hosting fees. On top of that, we spend many hours reading for each episode, and then recording and editing. We are a two-man show (literally) and it takes a lot of our time. Any money we are fortunate enough to be gifted by generous fans will go towards our hosting fees, and spreading the word about our podcast to others who would enjoy hearing two Englishmen chat about herpetofauna. On the very odd occasion we may also treat ourselves to a pint of beer.

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We will start creating mini episodes of reptile and amphibian related goodness, exclusively for Patreons. 
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