is creating charcoal & pencil drawings, Acrylic paintings, graphics
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About HerSun

welcome to my page.
greetings from Uganda, I am so happy to have each one of you here, I feel blessed to be able to share my passion with you all who are eager to learn!
am Self taught artist who is going to share all my artistic skills with you.
i majorly do realism pencil drawings (and charcoal sketches), acrylic painting, digital art and graphics

i will share the videos through my YouTube, art supplies can be expensive and it takes a lot to make these videos starting from getting the tools to editing part but together we can overcome this if we support each other because it means the world to me

i will be making videos for you and also giveaways and rewards will be a guarantee 
also giving back to the comunity mostly those who azre passionate about art

Thank you for visiting my page
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When I reach 100 Patreons, I will invest in new equipment (camera, microphone and tripod) for better quality videos and sound.
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