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About hesinstripes

First and foremost, thank you for all your support. If you've come to my Patreon page you've probably already read some of my work and I'm INCREDIBLY grateful. All of my readers have been absolutely amazing over the years with their patience and support.

So what's this Patreon about? I love writing and the expression it gives me and I love seeing your reactions to my words I write because I have far too much to say, and your support will allow me to say so much more. 

By allowing me to monetize my work, you're giving me the opportunity to write and create more. How? Less dependency on my day job. WAIT! Don't run away yet. I AM NOT CHARGING FOR GREEN! A Patreon subscription is as little as $1 a month and for EXCLUSIVE and EXTRA content.

As subscriptions to my Patreon grow I hope to bring more frequent updates, new content and stories, exclusive Q & As, and more. It's really up to you and what you'd like to read and see so please let me know what content you would like me to add.
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This is my initial goal which would let me step back from some of my work duties. 
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