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Thank you for your interest in materially supporting my work. I am using Patreon to expand  Hesterglock Press & to focus on and develop new writing projects. In this uncertain political environment of global-capitalism Patreon's platform allows working class artists like me to receive a steady revenue stream. By signing up for this Patreon you are enabling me to have a monthly income so I can collaborate, write & publish new books & projects.

I'm a poet, text artist, publisher & collaborator sometimes known as Bob Modem &/or haul pawkins. I also co-run small press publisher Hesterglock Press & the Prote(s)xt imprint with Sarer Scotthorne, and have done since we started up in 2013. I'm from a working-class background, don't have a trust fund, a credit card or any other more middle-class access to capital. Over the last 15 years or so I've exchanged my labour/time as a poet, collaborator, freelance journalist, amongst other things, as well as running music/sound workshops as an Associate artist for Vita Nova, running creative writing workshops, putting on events, exhibiting artwork, curating & performing. I've had a number of books published and have collaborated on a range of different projects, usually based around language, art, sound & performance. Take a look here.

Hesterglock Press
is an independent publisher. We publish mainly risk-taking, radical, avant-garde, experimental & innovative poetry. We've published quite a few books. You can find out much more here.
By supporting me working in this way, you'll be helping to sustain an ongoing commitment to connecting with others, publishing radical & challenging books, collaborating with other artists and writers on projects that don't / won't make a million, but may make a difference or a change.
So . . .  I make positive links between nonprofit & literary / political worth, as opposed to predominant corporate values of financial return/profit/monetary worth, but need an income to live.
CONTACT me if you have a question or would like to suggest a collaboration

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