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Exciting things are happening in Amarillo, Texas. We're in a period of growth and change.

I launched Hey Amarillo in the fall of 2017 because I was tired of hearing people grumbling about those changes. They were complaining about city services. About road construction. About inconveniences. About how there's nothing to do here. As a journalist, I kept running into people who were the complete opposite of these grumblers. They were passionate about the city. These were people who LOVED Amarillo and had such good stories to tell about why they live here.

I thought Amarillo needed a place to tell those stories. So I launched Hey Amarillo as an interview podcast with people who are intimately connected with the city. I think podcasts are a fantastic medium to be introduced to a person—over 35 minutes, you get a sense of their personality and passion. Plus, hearing people talk about who they are and what they love is always entertaining.

The beauty of podcasts is that this entertainment is free. That's why I listen to so many podcasts! But from my side of the microphone, the truth is that creating each episode is costly to me. The scheduling, interviewing, editing and publishing process takes me several hours a week. I have separate expenses for hosting and equipment. Episode sponsorships cover some of these costs, but not all of them.

I'm self-employed as a writer. I bill clients by the hour. So to keep producing quality episodes each week, I need Hey Amarillo to become a reliable source of recurring income. That's where Patreon comes in. You may not have a business. Or your business may not be able to sponsor a full episode of Hey Amarillo, but you can still support the show directly as an individual.

Through Patreon, you can give the show a specified level of support on a monthly basis and become a part of the podcast community. Depending on the amount, this monthly "subscription" gets you other perks—including exclusive bonus podcast content—but maybe the biggest perk is the good feeling of knowing you're supporting a creative product devoted to Amarillo

And if you don't want to give anything, guess what? Hey Amarillo is still free, every week. (I still appreciate that you are a loyal listener.)

Anyway, I'm a journalist. Hey Amarillo is an experiment in community-supported journalism, in the form of an indie podcast. I'm honored that so many people here value the show. I hope to continue creating it as long as I can. Thanks for listening and thank you so much for your support.
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When pledges reach $500 a month, Jason will do the self-indulgent thing he has been avoiding since the podcast began: For one episode, he'll be the featured guest on the show. Someone else will host. Jason will talk about what brought him to Amarillo, his career, his writing, and will even answer the "8 Straight" questions.
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