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Today this tier is available thanks to Sean Miller, in memory of Caia Miller.

This tier includes:

  • All audio posts (currently I'm going through the "Leveling Up" blog post series and making audio versions of all the posts). 
  • The option to join our discord!
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$4.50 is about how much you'll spend on a decent latte in the Chicago Loop, where I work. This tier is designed for beginning and intermediate individual contributors in the tech community, 

To that end, a latte a month gets you:
  • Access to audio readings (by the author—that's me ;) of some of my most popular blog posts and series. Expect listening times of five to twenty minutes for each one.
  • Access to exclusive video lectures and demonstrations about topics like "Saving Yourself Time and Frustration with Git" and "Tricks for Learning a New Programming Language"
  • The knowledge that you are supporting resources to build a savvier software community. Go you!
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This tier is meant for senior individual contributors and managers.

In addition to the rewards in the Blue Jay tier, this tier includes:

  • Automatic access to every ebook and recorded workshop I produce while you are a patron (these are sporadic because they take a lot of work, but you will get them all)
  • You get to sponsor one "gift" day per year (i.e., you can choose a day during which folks can subscribe to get the audio readings from this Patreon for $1 per month.)
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About Chelsea Troy

My name is Chelsea Troy. I have written hundreds of blog posts about tech and the tech community over the past five years.

It's unlikely that you have reached this page without having read at least one of those posts.

Maybe the post came from the series on interpreter design, or the one about SICP, or the one about the Raft distributed consensus algorithm.

Or maybe you saw the show notes from one of the live codes where I record and narrate my process while writing features for production applications.

But most likely, you read a piece from the series about leveling up, or the series about remote work, or the series about listening. This is the most rewarding work; the work that tackles slippery, complicated, emotionally charged challenges for tech folks like you (and me!) and breaks them down into clear frameworks and actionable steps.

I want to do more of this work, and do it better. That requires time. Currently I write my blog entirely in my off hours, working it in around obligations to other clients. With support from this Patreon, the blog can become, in effect, a client of its own, to whom I can allocate time each week in my normal work schedule—which includes my most productive, caffeinated hours :). 

Thanks in advance for bearing with me so far on this bloggy journey. It has been a wild one, with hopefully much more to come.
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If I can achieve this earnings goal, I can guarantee 2-3 posts per week on a consistent basis, PLUS I can produce 2-3 ebooks per year without relying on outside funding rounds (Maccaw, Eagle, and Flock patrons receive ebooks free of additional charge). I can also do more audio recordings of posts and books, which ALL tiers (including the sponsored tier) receive!
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