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About Kitty

Hey! You made it! I'm glad you came!

Who Are you?
(Wait... You don't know who I am? You should check out Hey Kitty!)

As you (now) know, I'm an anthroid, and I've got a web comic!

Unfortunately the super-hero gig doesn't really pay the bills, so I need some help from you nice folk!

So... You've got a web comic?
Yeah! It's about me!
I'm off on my own for the first time! I thought I was just going to have a good time, but... some bad stuff happened, and I realized that I could do things that other people couldn't... So I did the only logical thing. I decided to become a masked hero too!
There's still a lot to discover, about me, and the world... And also some bad guys who's tails need kicking!

What's in it for me?
A ton of awesome stuff! Behind the scenes looks at how the comic is made, sketches, early access, and other secret bonuses! (Fox told me not to tell yet.)

Wait, who's Fox?
Ooh, well that's a long story... But the short version is, he's one of the writers behind all this! (Don't think about the authors voice in the context of this statement too hard. It's already melted two anthroids.)

So, why should I help out?
Because you want more of me!  Well, that and there's the Big Idea.

See, this is just the beginning for Pear Comics. Once I'm doing ok here, they're going to start helping other comics make money too, so the people creating them don't have to worry about all that messy stuff and can just make their art!

So, I want you to help out, because you want to see more Hey Kitty comics, but I also want your help so that we can all pitch in and support even more new awesome creations!
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