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About Hey, Lesson!

What can games teach us about the real world? Welcome to Hey, Lesson! A fun podcast revealing all sorts of mysterious knowledge. How do archeologists reverse-engineer ancient languages? Where do the Yakuza get their money? What does chasing “likes” on Facebook do to the human brain? And most importantly: what do video games have to do with any of this?

Well, I’ll tell you. Every episode we use a popular game as an excuse to chase down a smart person and bombard them with weird questions. That might be a rocket scientist talking us through Kerbal Space Program, a boffin of biology scoffing at the parasites of Baldur's Gate 3, or a professional cave-diver giving us tips for Spelunky 2. Our talking heads might not have heard of the double-jump but that hardly matters. They don’t need games, they’re experts. Besides, every episode will also feature a guest co-host who knows all about the game itself.

So if you want to learn about topics as wide-ranging as cyberwarfare, deep-sea creatures, Viking customs, or the impossibility of time travel, all while getting clued-up on the latest game releases, then please consider putting some pennies in our patchy, outstretched cap. Look closely, it's a thinking cap.

About us:

I say “us” but for now it is just “me”. I’m Brendan Caldwell and I’ve been a games journalist for a decade. I have freelanced all over the shop, but some of you may know me from my former life as an editor at Rock Paper Shotgun, where I wrote about things like terrible space war and the quest to preserve Minecraft's most obscene server. Or perhaps you know me as a pod jockey on the Electronic Wireless Show, talking with my workmates about the best game openings or why we always create the same character in RPGs. Or maybe you recognise me as the terrified looking time-traveller on board game review site Shut Up And Sit Down, where I wrote, for some reason, about scratch cards. If you don't know me, please pretend I just shook your hand and said everything above directly to your face in the most pompous voice imaginable. That's me!

I have secret allies and enemies throughout the gaming kingdom, which will come in handy. But I need your help to leap beyond that realm. With your aid I can spread my greasy tendrils into hideous reality and hunt down clever biologists, historians, geologists, anatomists, speleologists, seismologists, and any other whiz with a fancy specialism and a brain the size of a watermelon. With their expertise, who knows, we might learn something useful.
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Okay, we can do this. Every fortnight we'll produce a podcast on an interesting topic, featuring a ludicrously smart person telling us why a videogame’s portrayal of sharks, ants, or quantum physics is total nonsense.
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