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You believe in the work being done here and would like to support its continuation. Every dollar counts!

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You used one of the lessons, or you just believe in the work being done here and would like to support its continuation. Throw $3 dollars my way so I can grab a coffee as I plan my next lesson. Every dollar counts!

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You have witnessed the potential and really want more lessons to be made! Or you just really like the work being done and would like to support more than the first tier. 

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About Hey Listen Games

I'm a teacher in New York City and I am constantly trying to find fun and unique ways to educate my students. Gradually, I have been incorporating more video games into my curriculum. There is not much out there about how to use video games at school so I figured I would start something here and make any lesson plans I have available for teachers to use in their classrooms. 

Thank you for any support you can provide. Creating these lessons takes a lot of time, and I really think we can change the way video games are perceived and show that they can be wonderful tools for education.

What Will I Spend the Money On? 

  1. Flights and Accommodations
    • I travel a bit to different conventions around the country to talk about my work here and any support will help me continue to do so.
  2. Ongoing Costs/Maintenance
    • Costs to keep the website live. I am currently a one-person-show keeping up with payments to keep this website going.
  3. Living Expenses
    • Speaks for itself. While I love creating these materials, it is a time consuming process. Hopefully some of this work can help pay for rent, food, and living in general.

Note: All Hey Listen Games resources will remain completely free to use, or access. I do not believe in locking educational materials behind a paywall and will never force people to pay for a lesson. I want as many teachers/educators as possible to see the value of using video games as a resource for learning. Any support, however, is greatly appreciated and will help keep Hey Listen Games around for a long time. 
$3 of $250 per month
When I reach $250 per month I will make sure to create 2-3 new lessons each month. This will be in addition to posts detailing how lessons went in my class.
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