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About Hex Grid Heroes Podcast Network

Welcome! For the last year and a half we at the Hex Grid Heroes Podcast Network have been putting out some really fun podcasts, made some FANTASTIC friends along the way, and have grown those shows to a point where we as a group feel comfortable starting a Patreon to help fund the hosting of them. NONE OF OUR CORE CONTENT WILL BE BEHIND A PAYWALL. We are doing this to ease the cost of producing so many shows so we can take them even further with more updated equipment.

Currently we have four shows in full production in our network.

*Hex Grid Heroes- a scifi ttrpg homebrew actual play using the Starfinder rules system and setting. Explore the Pact Worlds with two humans, a drow, and a vesk as they reclaim the Starfinder Society’s lost glory. Aliens, magic, laser weapons, starship combat...we got a lot!

*Pokemon Seicho- anime style D&D 5th Edition ttrpg adventure set 20 years after the original games. Join Dolly, Orange, and Kory as they go along their Pokemon Journeys together. The Kanto Region has changed much since the days of Pokemon Red and Blue, explore it with us!

*Fountain of Fear- a discussion podcast from Haunted House creators gushing about horror movies and haunt builds. Listen to these three amateur but experienced haunt builders deep dive into crafting jump scares, constructing terrifying props, and how some of our deepest fears can be turned into a great time.

Ashes & Allomancy- a high fantasy ttrpg set in the 'Mistborn' book series by Brandon Sanderson using the Savage Worlds rules. Pelias and Mochi are Skaa workers, destined for a life of toiling on a farm. Until a man named Kelsier stirs things up and set the two young men on an adventure of self-discovery, and wild heroics using magic derived from the use of metals.

Unlike other networks that obtain and incorporate podcasts under their umbrella, the Hex Grid Grid Podcast Network is one because I, Don Buley, am the person who provides recording space, equipment, and have been paying the hosting of all of these shows. Now, podcast hosting isn't TERRIBLY expensive, but when we have four shows putting out over 12 hours of content each month it adds up. This is a passion project so ALL of the money put into this will be put right back into it. Once we hit the number needed to make hosting these shows self-sustaining, the remainder will go into upgrading our recording equipment.

Tier One - $2
-Access to Patron-only Discord Channels
-Shout-outs on the shows
-Monthly personalized message from Character of your choice
-Monthly NPC submission to Hex Grid Heroes Starfinder, unlimited (within reason)
-Pre-recording session message audio file from cast

Tier Two - $5
-Monthly personalized message from 2 Characters of your choice
-Submission of NPC to show of your choice, limited involvement (name)
-Pre-record session video message file from cast
-All rewards from previous tier

Tier Three - $10
-Submission of NPC to show of choice, unlimited(within reason)
-Six Sided Sidekick status: monthly duel with available member of HGH Network
-Live voice on Discord before and after recording sessions
-All rewards from previous tiers

Bonus Content, explained
-Each month a cast member of your choice will record a personalized message as one of their characters or NPCs. Want our Professor Oak to wish you a happy New Year? That sort of thing.

-In the Starfinder podcast we play in a literal galactic setting, so the occasional assistance in populating that would be very helpful for me, and fun to have a creation of our fans included in episodes. So I will be accepting monthly NPC submissions to include in Hex Grid Heroes.
Name, alien race, and as little or as much detail as you feel like providing, I can use somewhere. Cannot promise 100% voice impressions though I will do my best. Each month you can submit a new NPC, though it may be in the following month that they appear.

-At the second tier you can make an additional NPC in a show of your choosing, with some limitations. At third tier you basically can make anything you want, so long as it doesn't shatter the world.

-On Discord, on top of the ubiquitous Patron-only channels you see elsewhere, I have plans to implement a way for you to enter one of our games, in some small capacity. What that will be will become more clear as I develop it, but think of it as a fighting simulation set in the settings of one of our ttrpg shows, where you will face off against monsters/characters that I'm able to perform. Wanna have a Pokemon battle with Kory? Wanna have a gladiator fight with an alien race on a deserted moon? Practice some Allomancy magic against Pelias? I'll work with you on creating an easy to use/play character and we can duke it out. Specifics may change as needed. This will not be recorded and will be done on voice or text on Discord on a one-on-one basis for now, at an agreeable time for both you and I. At this time I cannot promise other cast member involvement...yet.

-With Fountain of Fear, we will take Patron suggestions for movies to discuss. Now, we are NOT a traditional movie review podcast. We discuss the movie, certainly, but we'll also delve into what sort of things movies could provide in a haunted house setting. That being said, some movies may not be the best fit for discussion, but if there's enough call for it we will record mini bonus episodes quickly chatting about a movie of your choice.
Goals are very important to have. Our first one would be to make it so hosting fees across the network are covered. So the number to hit there would be $60/a month worth of pledges.

Goal 1: Self-Sustained. Hosting costs covered by Pledges.

  1. Goal 2: New piece of equipment. Repeatable, said item detailed.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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