Henrik Hammer Hedemann

is creating A fan comic of Ron Stoppable and his new pets, and much more.

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About Henrik Hammer Hedemann

Hey there, my name is Henrik Hammer Hedemann, but just call me Hammer.
I've joined Patreon in the hope to become a better artist, and to get out with more commissions and hopefully develop a greater experience with more ideas, more originals and more art to our troubled, wonderful world.

I'm just a another artist with another dream and a growing passion to share and explore my skills and my interests with equals. Many of the people I follow all over the internet keep mentioning this place, so here I am, ready to become a patron. 
I am looking for a job currently, and dealing with some pretty serious diseases (although not lethal) so I will do my best to keep up in here. 

As a part of my journey back to health I've continued my dream to become a good writer and possibly a published one. 
The reason for this notion, is because many of the characters I will post drawings of, will be of my own creation. Many of them have rolls in their own stories. Maybe I'll post a chapter or two for your amusement. I'm not a writer of profession, but I've written many pages.  

$1,000 - reached! per Hedemann's art
With this goal reach, if it ever happens, I will probably jump around in amazing joy.
Perhaps I will start at multiple chapters of RSAHNP and have more projects to work on :D 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 450 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 450 exclusive posts

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