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is creating hyper-local weather content for Hickman County, Tennessee

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About Hickman Severe Weather

We provide real-time hyper-local weather information before, during, and after severe weather events and winter weather events for Hickman County, Tennessee primarily through our Twitter account @HickmanSevereWx.

We encourage you to follow us (or create an account and follow us) to keep up to date on weather impacting our county and to send us any weather reports in your neck of the woods.

We are NOT METEOROLOGISTS, nor do we play ones on the Web. We simply help echo NWSNashville’s weather information that specifically applies to Hickman County.

We are a #tspotter coordinator with NWSNashville. We help NWSNashville with providing ground-truth to severe weather as storm spotters and getting information to NWSNashville using #tspotter on Twitter.

We are a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador. We are recognized by NOAA as a partner helping improving the nation’s readiness against extreme weather, water, and climate events. 

How becoming a Patron on Patreon can help us improve our services to our entire community.

For the last seven years, we've fully funded our weather operations here. However, we'd like to help improve and grow the services we provide to our community. However, it gets expensive to do this fully out of our own pockets. 

At the request of our amazing followers, and with the desire to help better improve the services we provide to the entire community, we are opening our Patreon account to give those who wish the opportunity to support us financially to help better improve our service for all. 

Becoming a monthly recurring patron of Hickman Severe Weather means that you can help us cover the monthly recurring expenses it takes to access all the weather data we use to do what we do best. It also gives us the means financially to continue to look for ways to improve what we do for the entire community.

Becoming a patron of Hickman Severe Weather means you believe in helping the entire community as a whole receive better weather information in the event of severe weather. 

We will not be pocketing a penny of any money we receive here. We are not doing this to make money for ourselves (we have full-time jobs). We want to improve things beyond what we can do financially ourselves.

We will be taking this money to help pay for the software and services we currently use, and use any extra funds to help grow the services we provide, such as getting access to better quality weather data and models, better software, and hopefully other things such as weather cameras, depending on funds. 

We will not be making any of our services available only to those who pay. We believe that those who wish to help financially are doing so to better the services of all. Thus, nothing we do will be put behind "paywalls" or "paid services"

Your support would help us provide even better services than we can do on our own to every single person who follows us. 
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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