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About Miles Grover

  • Monsters! They're funny, cute, and/or heartbreaking. They come out of my brain! You like it!!
  • I have a bunch of cool ideas for stuff I want to do with these guys (Books? Post cards? COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARDS??), but that stuff takes UP-FRONT CAPITAL
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  • I'm a MIGHTY WIZARD and you don't want to be on my bad side
  • OK maybe I'm not a wizard, but if you don't pledge I might draw your face next to a stinky butt and it says "I SURE DO LOVE THIS SITUATION"

This could happen if you don't pledge to my Patreon. Or if you do pledge and you're just into that kind of thing we can talk.

This project started with a goofy doodle on a sticky note in a meeting at work one day. I picked up a marker and this guy just kinda plopped out of my subconscious onto the paper:

It's a hideous, creepy monster, right? But if you're like me, you kinda feel for the thing. You empathize with it. You probably know what it's like to realize that sometimes love isn't enough. I found this weird drawing I'd made surprisingly moving.

So I started making more. Every time I went to a meeting, I ended up drawing two or three or four monsters, and then I'd leave them on the conference room table for other people to discover. Pretty soon I noticed people were putting them up on the walls, talking to each other about them, and in some cases even taking ones they particularly liked home to stick to their fridge. 

An early batch of hideous monsters.

There are quite a few of these monsters sticking to various walls around the studio where I work now. I like to think each one is a unique glimpse into a moment in the life of a hideous creature who is maybe not so different from you and me? Or anyway, the people I work with seem to like them, SO PROBABLY YOU WILL LIKE THEM AS WELL.

If you pledge to this project, you'll get access to new monster drawings every week that non-patrons WILL NEVER SEE. You can also pledge to access the archive of the first ~300 I've already made. You'll also get my (very valuable) gratitude and as many internet high fives as you can carry.
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I want to make a book (or several) out of these, but I need time and money to make it happen.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 248 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 248 exclusive posts

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