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Asalamu-Alaykum parent or educator. My name is Maryam Binbrake. My son and I are the founders of www.hifdkids.comHifdh means to protect or to guard. Hifdh Kids was created with my kids, your kids and the Muslim kids in mind. We have created a free, safe and secure site for Muslim kids to watch their favorite Muslim shows like Zaky, Noor kids, Omar and Hana, Maryam and Fatima, and so much more. We have collected most of the popular YouTube Muslim kids shows and combined them all in one, safe site without ads, pop-ups, comments or links redirecting to YouTube.
We have created a safe alternative for Muslim kids to access their favourite shows. We are tired of social media sites or video browsing sites like YouTube that are constantly contributing to lowering the moral behaviour or religious morality of our kids. We, as parents, have a certain responsibility toward our children. We have to protect their innocence and what they get exposed to and come across.
We took the extra step and made a site that’s sure to protect our kids and what they watch. If you are a Muslim parent and you are looking for FREE, SAFE, SECURE alternative to YouTube, we strongly suggest you to check out our site: www.hifdhkids.comIf you are an educator or a part of Muslim institute, we kindly ask you to share this message with your members.

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