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Just a small slice of life
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Hey guys!!! Thank you for supporting me!!! This tier unlocks every photo a week in advance, access to a MEMBERS ONLY Instagram account, as well as a message sent to you every week, saying how much I appreciate your support! This is probably the most affordable tier, and you get the most for your money!

Oh Oh You Want More
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With this tier, you get every picture a week early, the unedited pics, are entered into a drawing every other week for a FREE DIGITAL COPY of my work, and access to a MEMBERS ONLY  Instagram page!!!

A Little More Than Barganed For
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For this tier, you get EXCLUSIVE access to EVERYTHING (minus CMVs) that I have to offer!!! This includes convention vlogs, DND sessions (if you so choose), access to a MEMBERS ONLY Instagram page, and much more!!!




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About HighElfCosplay

Hello there! I am a small cosplayer and creator from Southern Ohio, and I am so excited to give you all the premium EXCLUSIVE content from my page before anyone else!

Within my Patreon, you will find exclusive cosplay, photoshoots, and more up to a week before anyone else sees! One of the perks of getting behind this! 

All of my content is totally affordable, with only one tier being a bit more pricey than the others, but for good reason. This tier will be for ALL of my CMVs that myself and friends create, and will be up on YouTube a week later. You are gaining the most premium access for your money.

I hope you stay for a little bit, and enjoy my content!!!