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About Simon Smith

What is the Higher Plain Network?
Higher Plain Network is a collection of websites, YouTube channels and media projects that for the most part include the name Higher Plain. Each one has its own focus and is entirely ran and maintained by Simon Smith [that'll be me, hi]. I've been doing this since 2008 and every year I fall in love with it a little bit deeper.

Each project is one that is full of passion for me and revolves around sharing new discoveries, be it in music, games, film or creativity. They don't follow the masses and they are what I'd like to call the best definition of niche!  As they are entirely owned and ran by me, it enables me to stay completely independent with my views, opinions and what I'd like to feature. As each project is niche, but professional in 2019 I decided to bring everything together under the Higher Plain Network banner. This will allow me to more projects under this wing over time.

The Higher Plain Network currently contains:
Higher Plain Music
Higher Plain Music Radio
Higher Plain Games
Higher Plain Games on YouTube
I Love Disaster Movies
Sitorimon Music
More information for each project is available below.

Why do you have a Patreon? What do you use it for?
Patreon for me is invaluable as it helps me connect with people who care about the content I create. I want to build an open community of like-minded people who would like to come on this exciting journey with me, providing feedback and insight along the way. Hopefully, we can start our own private revolution together.

That said, I'm also honest and open - there is a business side to Patreon and I will never shy away from that. Staying independent (and legal) is costly and apart from Patreon, YouTube Ad Revenue and the occasional affiliate link, I cover all the costs myself. Websites, video equipment, bandwidth and media licenses all add up and whilst I love doing it all, it takes up most of my spare time and money. I will always be transparent about where your money goes.

Primarily your pledge will go towards website upkeep and new equipment to improve video and sound production. If the Patreon campaign is successful enough to go beyond that, then it will go towards costs to kickstart new projects, increased content production and giving you more value for money across the network.

What do I get when I become a Patron?
If you become a Patron you'll get access to behind the scenes content, project updates and an insight into what's coming down the pipeline. Occasionally you'll be able to vote for upcoming content and help me decide on future expansions. This content will not be available elsewhere and will be a mixture of written, audio and video formats.

And who are you?
I'm Simon and currently live in Essex in the UK. I currently work full time as a communications and stakeholder engagement manager, which is a stressful and demanding job and to let off steam I run the Higher Plain Network. It'd be a dream to run something like this full time with a modest profit to live off of one day as being creative across lots of different media channels is where my happy place is. Well, that and when I'm enjoying some food I probably shouldn't be eating. Higher Plain Eats as a future project perhaps?

Higher Plain Music has been open since 2008. It introduces new musicians, reviews album and EP releases and continues to shine a light on the alternative and underground music scene. It features music I enjoy and covers a variety of alternative, rock, electronica, classical, world, singer/songwriter, folk, piano, chiptune and game music. It's quite eclectic but there's something for almost everyone. Higher Plain Music posts daily.

Higher Plain Music Radio opened in 2019 and is a 24/7 online radio station playing the music I promote on Higher Plain Music. It is currently only available in the UK due to licence costs but if successful, Patreon Radio Show Sponsors can help ease the cost burden of getting licences to broadcast across the globe. In the meantime, a VPN is your friend!

Higher Plain Games has been running since 2008 on YouTube and after a test run in 2018, the sister website launched properly at the end of 2019. Combined, they feature videos and articles on games past and present daily from console and PC. Usually, these games will be hidden gems rather than the games you'll see covered elsewhere and the content focuses on game reviews with occasional playthroughs and live streams. The website focuses on written game reviews. Other series' are planned for 2020 that focus on in-depth looks at racing games, music games and game development interviews.

I Love Disaster Movies opened in 2012. It has now become the largest online resource for disaster movies with over 200 titles included. Each film has a hub page to store information, trailers, a detailed written review, promotional materials and bonus articles. I'd like it to become a historical document for my favourite type of cinema. ILDM has new content roughly every fortnight.

Sitorimon is my musical moniker. I create piano/synth alternative music. I've released three albums so far, with a fourth near completion. In 2020 will also be branching out into game soundtrack and mood music for relaxation. This is a low-frequency project but I'd like to release something every quarter in 2020.
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Higher Plain Games Specialised Series
When I reach this tier, I'll begin production on two specific high-quality production series. One will focus on racing games throughout the years, the other will focus on rhythm games. These are the two genres of games I'm most well known for and have a vast knowledge of. It'll be a labour of love with your support.
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