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There is an alarming increase in the number of mental distress and suicide among children and adolescents worldwide. 

These are children and young people from all social strata and backgrounds. Not only from vulnerable and dysfunctional families - they are just as much "your and my" children! Please help us in helping the children by giving the parents the best opportunity and information to rais and ensure their child a strong and high sense of self-worth.

Young people of today are exposed to a tremendous amount of pressure and stress already during childhood, in kindergarten, in school, with their peers, and in society. To be able to deal with this in a healthy way requires a very strong sense of self-worth and trust in their ability to solve and figure things out, which most young people do not have. As a result of this, they lack the courage to stand up for themselves and suffer from the fear of failing, fear of being excluded from their peer group and they will often exceed both their own and others' boundaries in the pursuit of acceptance and love. The high number of youngsters that feel lonely, not good enough, not worthy of love and so on, is profoundly worrying.

And why is that? As parents, we certainly all do our very best to prepare our children for the life ahead of them. Most parents truly believe (or hope) that they offer their children the best caring and support growing up, but the scaring fact is that most parents are actually not able to. Why? Simply because most parents struggle with the same issues with low self-esteem, not feeling good or worthy enough for love and success as a result of conditional love in their own childhood.

The way we define ourselves forms every aspect of our lives (and most importantly our children) and most parents simply lack the knowledge and awareness on how to raise their children other than what they themselves have experienced growing up. Far too many grownups suffer from negative and destructive self-talk and patterns due to how they were raised. Far too many are raised with what we call conditional love. It´s actually the most common way to rais a child but at the same time the most damaging for the development of a healthy sense of self-worth. This must stop now!

Why so much talk about the importance of a high sense of self-worth? Because a high sense of self-worth is like a bulletproof jacket for the child (and for a grown-up!). It ensures the child the serenity and the assuredness of being worth loving unconditional. It ensures the child courage, and strength to go out and face the world and to stand up for him or herself while having surplus to accommodate and be there for others who are worse off.

For more than 25 years we have helped grownups change their lives and now we’ve dedicated our work and passion in preventing the children from having to struggle with the same issues. We believe that prevention is better than cure!

That's why HIGHER WORTH ORG. - a Danish-based NGO and non-profit organization - is now spreading our work and projects out internationally, helping inform and educate parents how to raise their children and ensure the child a strong and well-grounded sense of self-worth with the intent to prevent and decrease the growing number of suicide among children and adolescents worldwide.

Our children deserve only the best! So why wait?
WHY wait until our children have problems due to feeling unworthy, not feeling good enough, being afraid, fearful, stressed, depressed - and at worst choose suicide as the last resort - when it, with the right education, knowledge, and change in the way we rais our children, is possible to intervene preventively in the first important 0 - 6 years of the child's life, and create a solid and well-rooted self-worth in the child!?

Our children are the most valuable resource in the world. They are our future! Together we can ensure they will have the best foundation upon where to build their lives. EVERY CHILD deserves the best possible in life!

Your support WILL help make a difference for our children and upcoming generations! We deeply appreciate any donation. Thank you for your care and support. Please choose to become a member of Higher Worth Org.. It´s a great way to increase your support and it´s totally free! (use the sign-up form on our webpage: http://higherworth.org)
Be sure to follow our work and results.

Please note: It is important to emphasize that we solely work with and educate future parents, parents, caretakers and other adults in close contact with small children 0 - 6 years. 

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