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Hello my friend!  So glad you found my Patreon Page!  Welcome! 

Over the years, as I've used my social media presence to bring a truth perspective to my corner of the internet, I (as have many others) have met with my share of resistance from the powers-that-shouldn't-be.

Several of my channels on YouTube have been deleted.  The censorship axe has fallen on my work more times than I can recount.  Thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of subscribers have been taken away.  Hundreds of millions of views and innumerable hours of work have been wiped out. 

Bottom line is that someone made the decision for hundreds of thousands of people, that they don't need to see my content.

But I'm not giving up and I'm NOT gonna to stop creating the content that YOU wanna see.  So, I've fired up my BACK UP CHANNEL.  You can get all the great content there that you were getting on my main channel.  Further...there's another video hosting site called Odysee.  These people hate censorship as much as you and I do.  Here's that link: https://odysee.com/$/invite/@HighImpactFlix:ca When you subscribe over there and you verify your free account, you get rewarded with three LBC Crypto tokens.

Also, take a second to subscribe to my WEBSITE When you subscribe to the website, you'll be placed on my private email list where you'll receive alerts for new videos as well as other valuable and uplifting in formation.

With virtually unlimited funding, the loudest media voices on this planet fill the airwaves with "news"  (mostly FAKE Stream Propaganda) that works its way into the collective minds of the unthinking masses and fills them with misleading, highly deceptive "information."  And, whether we like it or not, this effective tactic goes a LONG LONG way in shaping public perceptions, perspectives and opinions.  It's no wonder why SO MANY are zombie-like these days!

The goal of my YouTube channel and social media presence (look for "Highimpactflix" on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Odysee) is to create and elevate entertaining online content that gets people thinking about what they're watching, questioning what they allow into their minds, changing individual lives...and eventually improving the world in which we live. 

The greatest battle field is the MIND.
As much as I enjoy making videos for an appreciative and growing audience, it doesn't pay the bills.  Your support will help me create videos full time. If you are able to give just a little every month, I'll be able to continue creating the level of online quality content that you demand and deserve.  Peace to you and thank you for whatever support you can give.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't give if you can't afford it. 

  - Brian
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Reaching our goals means being able to create content full-time.  This includes the incredible amount of time it takes to research and double check sources as well as filming, animating and editing (just to name a few vital functions).  My short-term goal is to be able to produce 10 quality videos every week.  Your help will make this possible. Thanks my friends!
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