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About Highline

Hey! We're Highline, five best buddies who love singing together! Thanks for visiting our Patreon page. 

We've been creating music videos and performing since December 2017. So far everything we make has been self-produced: recording in a bedroom, getting a friend to film us, editing and mixing on our own equipment... and all in a weekend! We want our music and videos to be as awesome as possible, and that's why we need YOUR support. With a budget for our videos, we'll be able to hire an actual videographer and be able to devote more time to rehearsing, recording, and producing, to create a more professional final product. If you like our videos and want them to be even better and more frequent, please consider supporting us — even a dollar per video helps!

We're committed to continuing and modernizing the vocal jazz tradition established by groups like New York Voices, Take 6, The Real Group, and Manhattan Transfer. We do this through our music videos, recordings, and live shows, as well as working to educate the next generation of singers through our workshops and masterclasses in jazz singing and arranging. Most of all, we think singing should be fun! We want our audiences to experience joy from our music and get to know us too. (Fun fact: we all live together in an apartment in Brooklyn! With no dishwasher...)

Again, thank you for visiting our Patreon page and please consider supporting us. We will be posting one or two videos a month, but you can set a monthly maximum contribution if you'd like. Also, you can receive some sweet perks at each tier of contribution — check 'em out! 
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