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About High Priestess

Hi there friendly netizen!! 

Welcome to my Patreon!

After being greatly inspired by Amanda Palmer's amazing Ted Talk and book "The Art of Asking" I finally decided to do a Patreon page! Why now? It seems like the worst time to refocus on my creativity with a 6 month old baby... and yet it's somehow the best time. I know myself. I wouldn't ever make anything if I didn't have a deadline - preferably an external requirement of some sort. Putting my creativity on a schedule is the only way that it's gonna happen! Plus being a creatively fulfilled person makes me an infinitely better mom. 

If you are here then you may have heard me play harp, seen a performance or film I did music for, or explored an art installation with one of my soundscapes. Maybe you heard my harp album "Faerie Archives" or seen the women's  Elven Choir and men's Wizard Choir project I did, setting the elven poetry of JRR Tolkien into glorious 4 part harmony. Maybe you've been a part of the many ceremonies I've played harp and sang for, from the blessing of DTLA to a recent key note speech and presentation "Stories and Songs of the Goddess". Either way - welcome to my little corner of Patreon.com! I'm in excellent company here! In addition to using this platform for myself, I also support several artists on it. Even a tiny bit helps, and I feel proud every time I see that charge on my credit card. 

I call myself the High Priestess because my creative journey is also a mystical journey. I've always used art to try and understand the unusual experiences I've had. My connection to nature, and to the unseen spirits that dwell there have long been an inspiration to my creativity.  To me, the Goddess is in all acts of beauty and creativity. Whether it be a kind act or a surge of the Muse, each act can be sacred. 

As a Priestess I want to connect people to the sacred, magickal, life altering magick of their own creative expression.  I hope by sharing my process, methods and experiences as a mystic, a creative, a human I can help others in their own journey. 

There are a few creative projects I would love to have the ability to work on. First and foremost is Faerie Archives volume 2. I've already recorded the harp parts - all that is needed is editing and adding other instrumental layers. With just a bit of support here I'll be able to finish and release that album. Have you heard the story of the first album? My fellow patreon.com user Reverend Alex Polinsky and I brought beautiful bits of nature back from the local old growth oak forest. From those bits he created an amazing faerie house that we used in our rituals calling the Fae. We made offerings of milk and honey and song, and asked the Fae to use us to share their magick with the world. Sure enough much of the album was recorded and edited in a state of trance. I am normally a very type a creative person... but this project just blossomed in the times I surrendered myself completely to the magick of the faeries. A series of coincidences and good fortune brought several incredible musicians to the house as I was finishing the mixes... and the final result is an album that I constantly hear new things in. Truly a masterwork - and the piece I've had the least amount of preconceived notions about. I want to explore more co-creative art. Collaborating with the magick of nature via Faeries has changed my creativity forever. 

Another project I have waiting for time and a little funding is a series of pieces based on the Vision Keys of Faery Seership. Much of what I know I learned from Orion Foxwood. His beautiful book The Tree of Enchantment taught me so much about how to manage my connection with the subtle planes around me. Together we would like to offer an album of meditations based on the key beings one encounters on their journey into Faerie. Woven together with the spells of calling, you will fall into a deep trance that allows you to communicate with the elusive Earth spirits. In musical ceremony the Other World will come alive for you, and you will journey back carrying gifts of great importance from the spiritual planes. 

I'm hoping to do weekly releases. That would mean that you get charged per official upload (I'll do free blogs and updates as well). I'll release articles about the New and Full Moons, as well as the solar holidays. I'll endeavor to get footage of my various harp performances, as well as do a regular twitch stream on harp and piano. And ultimately, with your help, I'll be able to bring some of these more complex projects into the world!

I don't have a patreon intro video yet so I included my composer intro video. Keep your eye out for a new video explaining who I am and why you might want to support me up here. 

With a heart full of gratitude - Thank you

your High Priestess Regan
$58 of $75 per each audio or video file!
At $75 I'll begin work on music for the Vision Keys from Orion Foxwood's Tree of Enchantment!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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