High Society Radio is creating Podcasts

$1 /mo
We will shout you out on Twitter and Facebook and make your life that much better.

$1 /mo
Get one of our baller ass new stickers! Also when they run out we're gonna get some different ones ! You'll get those too!

$5 /mo
Giant shout out on the show. You'll get so many big ups your family members will wonder why you've become such an egotistical dick.

$10 /mo
Access to exclusive content. This could be a solo show by one of the hosts or an old no longer available on internet show or anything we feel like putting out.

$20 /mo
A t-shirt with our classic cardboard box logo. You like wearing clothes, right?

$100 /mo
We will plug any project, product or website to our listeners as a live read. It's like a personalized commercial just for you.