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I think you are doing a super awesome thing by supporting me, and will gladly and graciously accept your dollar. Ooh, it's a new dollar too. Crisp. Easy to fold. The good stuff.

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With your $3, I will add a shot to my soy latte and upgrade to a grande. 

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$5? No generic cereal for me! Suck it, bags! I'm taking the box train to Box-of-Cereal Town!

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$10... hmm... OH! I'll buy that $10 app for my phone that I've been hemming and hawing over for months. It just seems like apps shouldn't cost more than $3. Oh well. 


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    $20? Now THAT's walkin' around money! I'll get it changed into two $10s, put one in each shoe and just WALLLLLK THE F' AROUUUUUND.

    • In addition to everything in the l...

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    Look, you aren't in it for the rewards. You just really want to see me succeed at making fun stuff full time, and for that I am extremely grateful. DAMN you are so sexy!

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    OK, seriously? You are just too much! TOO MUCH FANCY AWESOME, that is! It's clear you've made some great choices in your life and you're continuing that trend now with your Patronage.