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Woa! thank you so much for that support!!

it will help me a lot with my pictures and cosplay!

with this tier, you will be able to see my pictures 1 day before posting it on instagram!  c:

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Woa! Woa! thank you for supporting me!!

with this tier, you will be able to see a premium, unposted set of 3 pictures!  they are not posted on any other social media so they are limited edition!! 

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Woa! Woa! Woa! thank you for supporting!!!

with this tier, you will be able to obtain 4 unique kawaii picture  with your name on a fansign & a surprise ahegao face! it would be so fun! :D




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Haii there!! welcome to my patreon! If you wanna support me or gain access to exclusive content, you're in the right place! My goal is to create better content, and I believe Patreon will help us grow bigger & cutier as a community & reach goals. Cosplay and cute looks is something I’m super passionate about! Your support is highly appreciated! 
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After our instagram poll, you guys choosed my next cosplay and it's...Chika Fujiwara from Kaguya-sama!. I wanna be able to cosplay her the right way, by having every little detail such as her unique black bow! Help a gal make a dope waifu and buy a smoll ko-fi for your thirsty mama tea~ ❤ Thank you all! You are all amazing! I feel! ?❤ Every supporter will be rewarded with a fansign in this cosplay (normal or ahegao) ❤
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