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About hikons

Hey guys, it's hikons!

My main content are my World of Warcraft guides, mostly pertaining to methods for gold making in the game.

I've only recently started creating guides in Legion, but I have been an avid gold maker in game for the past couple expansions.

I’ve joined Patreon as a way to engage with you more actively and be able to fund projects I have down the pipeline.  Every dollar donated will go towards the growth of the channel so you can get more quality content and maybe expansions into new games!

If you enjoy my content or if it ever helps you make gold, I hope you'll contribute. You can check out my channel on YouTube.



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For the first month, you will be charged as soon as you pledge.  After that you will be charged on the first of each month.

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Yes, you will. That being said, once you get charged the second time, feel free to contact me.  If the two charges occurred within only a couple days, I'll refund one of the charges upon your request.

85% complete
I can start to dedicate more of my time to research, create, and launch longer, more in-depth YouTube gaming videos.

Five to ten minute videos are great, but I'd love to take 30 minutes to an hour to dive into different topics that are important to you as a Patreon supporter.

Guaranteed at least one long (30-60 minutes) video each month relevant to gold making in World of Warcraft and topics influenced by patrons.
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