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I'm here, at one of the most interesting forks in the road of my life. After many twists and turns in the road, I now feel I've found my truth north and am being paid to have amazing conversations and help people re-story their lives.  

I am back at university, training to be a Narrative Therapist (a modality for therapists with curious and collaborative hearts) and am working part-time for a community mental health support organisation in Auckland as a Mental Health Support worker, where I also get to fire up my Narrative Therapy engines and do some real life counselling. 

I am also running a fortnightly group called Safe Refuge, a Grief Support group where people come to have their grief witnessed and we make the choice to make the 'turn toward'.

Alongside this I'm also parenting my two younger children, watching my eldest out there in the world, feeding the cats, being a friend, growing my veges, spreading interesting information, striving for the real in me, writing, reaching for contentment.

Mostly, I am called now to create a life that's congruent with my most deeply held values, a life that is pointing toward what I like to think of as my "True North".  

2018 - The Year of True North

What is my true north? Well words like these come up...

* Laughing as much as possible - good medicine!
* Crying when moved to
* Kindness
* Meaning & making a difference / contributing to others
* Increasing my capacity to be with Reality
* Having conversations that matter
* Learning to discern between the real and the false within me
* Contentment
* Contribution and Creativity

Grief Activist / Book Author

Dovetailing in with my Narrative Therapy studies, I have one major book project I have started work on and aim to publish at the end of 2018.

Grief is something that I have thought on, written about, experienced and sat with quite a bit. From my work (and personal experience) so far, grief seems to sit at the centre of so many of the issues that drive people to seek counselling - be it early griefs that are now manifesting in unhelpful ways of thinking or acting, or perhaps a more current bereavement or loss.

Grief is a topic that my heart feels such warmth towards, and to be honest most of the people I work with are grieving something. I think its at the root of a lot of what troubles us, this turning away from our grief.

A wise friend whose counsel I very much appreciate often says to me "Grief, unattended to, wreaks havoc in our lives".  I know this has been true for me. I have discovered that it is important for my wellness to be present to my grief. When I am not, I run the risk of becoming enslaved to the many and varied conscious and unconscious methods I run to so as not to feel it.  

In this way, Grieving leads us all to greater freedom.   

I feel I have a good story to tell about why engaging with grief is healthy, life-giving and actually connects us in with more joy and contentment in our lives. In a pain-adverse culture, I would like to speak to and make a stand for what is a different message. 

Working Titles:

"Grief Activism: New thinking on grief as a pathway to contentment"
"Turn Towards Your Grief: A counterintuitive guide to contentment"
Something that is still brewing... :-)

Safe Refuge Facilitator

I now facilitate a fortnightly Grief Support group in Auckland which is in support of this 'turning toward'. If you live in Auckland, and would like more information please contact Amitabha Hospice service: www.amitabhahospice.org

Click here:  https://mailchi.mp/e6a929a870f8/new-care-for-carer...
... to link to information about Safe Refuge

Requesting Tribe Support

2018 is for me very much an alignment year - one where I am now able to channel many years of learning, training and thinking in a direction which feels true for me. 

And, in order to make it all work I'm going to need some collective help to make this next year of my life work for me financially. Being a part-time student, and working part-time in a not highly paid job is challenging. I literally cannot pay all my bills, and due to the nature of the work I am doing, I do not want to get totally stressed out (and take on more work on my one free day p/t, which actually needs to be used for my postgrad research and assignments). Too much pressure makes it much harder to be present to the people I am working with. And I want to do the best work I can. 

That's where you come in.

I'm here to ask if you would become my patron by way of buying me a cup of coffee each month in 2018 to help me in my True North quest. I may well buy a cup of coffee with the money you offer each month; or I may put it towards other expenses I have during the year. But one thing is for sure, a cup of coffee here and there certainly won't go amiss. :-)

Asking for support is also about me making a stand for the kind of world I want to live in, a world in which it is a good thing to ask for help. If you know me, you'll know that I believe in support, collaboration and asking; and so creating a network of patrons is all about that. Having a community behind me means I'll be able to do the work & study I need to do in 2018 in a more relaxed way so I can launch this new chapter of my life in an environment of support. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for becoming my patron...in this, my true-north year. 
With love and appreciation
Hilary <3
$13 of $500 per month
When I reach $500 per month I'll start a monthly Safe Refuge weblog
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