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About Hallelujah The Hills

Boston's Hallelujah the Hills are creating a 52 song album entitled DECK with one song for every card in a deck of playing cards.

Howdy folks. You read that right. 52 songs. Four 13 song albums. This Patreon is how we're going to fund this gigantic project—the better it does, the more funds we have to make DECK the way we envision it. Here you'll find plenty about the process of making it, yes, but also much more: the Camper Can Calethoven podcast comes out weekly (you're gonna love it), Hills Cover Songs Sessions once a month (you're gonna love it), plus writing about the history of playing and tarot cards, and lots of audio/video/text that will never appear anywhere else. It's going to be truly terrific, friends. So sidle up to the table and get dealt in, it's time to make rock records unreasonably ambitious again. Ready?

For more about the band visit the homepage, Bandcamp, or Spotify.


1. What will the final DECK product be?

Four 13 song albums—likely digital and CD only—plus a physical deck of original playing cards designed with artwork to complement each song. You'll be able to get the music without the actual deck, but we don't recommend it!

2. Will recent singles "Superglued to You" and "God is So Lonely Tonight" be on DECK?

Almost certainly, either In the form you've heard them or similar to it, or perhaps reinterpretations. We'll see.

3. Will this Patreon "spoil" the album for me in advance?

No, we're consciously going to avoid doing that. While you will get glimpses into the process and some of the music, we assure you that when you hear the final DECK project, it will feel very brand new to you.

4. Am I buying a copy of the record by supporting the Patreon?

No. You are supporting its creation by subscribing to all of the great, original, fun things we'll be posting here. However, in addition to being listed as a producer of the album, we'll have some kind of discount for Patreon subscribers, for sure. The recording, mixing, mastering and production of four albums plus a physical deck of cards is going to take quite a bit of resources, so its important to understand that, if you wish, you will pay to get DECK when it finally comes out.

5. How long will the Patreon last?

We predict approximately a year and a half.

6. What do you mean "if you're a supporter for the majority of the length of the Patreon you'll be listed as a producer of DECK?"

Let's say 60% of the time it was live? We're just adding this fine print so that someone who hops aboard for one month at the end isn't entitled to a producer credit in the liner notes. Wouldn't be fair to our ride or dies, ya know?

7. Are the Cover Sessions songs going to appear on DECK?

No, DECK will be comprised of all original songs. The cover songs are just for here, for you, our Patreon supporters!

8. Who are the hosts of Camper Can Calethoven?

It's Leeore Schnairsohn, Evan Sicuranza, and Ryan Walsh, all former members of The Stairs, at your service.

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