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About Himanshu Sachdeva


I'm excited to see that you made your way to this Patreon page. So here's the deal with who I am and why this Patreon account is started.

Who I am -

I'm Himanshu Sachdeva. I'm a writer and a creative who works under the banner of Lifestyle Architecture Lab. I share my process of being a minimalist, designing a life of consciousness. I also do a podcast - Lifestyle Architecture Lab. I write regularly on my blog and sometimes vlog on YouTube.

How it started -

In 2011 while going through an abdominal ailment I found myself mostly bedridden, that was the time I found my passion for writing and blogging. I started out my blog at that time on BlogSpot and started putting out personal stories, anecdotes and poems.

It was not until 2015 when I moved to WordPress platform and finally started Lifestyle Architecture Lab which became my creative outlet.

I was inspired by the likes of James Clear, Tim Ferriss and Chase Jarvis. The intention of my work started to shift from earning money towards creative work that moved people and inspired them towards action to change their own lives.

Fast forward to 2018, My blog kept growing on a consistent pace with my mailing list growing slowly but steadily. I posted over 150 quality posts on the blog towards the end of 2018.

In the second half of 2018, I started my own podcast as well - "Lifestyle Architecture Lab" which is a series of conversations with people who have designed a lifestyle by making their passion their profession. The podcast is being well received (over 5000 downloads in a few months). I intend to do more episodes of the podcast and put one episode every week.

Why the support is required -

All of this (Blog and Podcast) is going on with my own savings and while working on a full-time day job.
This majorly includes -
  • Hosting my website
  • Domain charges
  • Podcast hosting charges
  • Equipment for podcast
  • Apps for note keeping, podcast recording etc
  • Travelling costs for podcast interviews and pre-recording sessions
  • Audio Studio times cost in case of some podcast guests

All of this sums of to approximately a minimum of 50k Indian Rupees or 800 USD per year. That's just to keep the site and podcast alive and keep the weekly content coming.

But I have a plan for the future Lifestyle Architecture Lab and support from Patreon will help me execute that plan and pursue this journey.

Every penny which I get from Patreon first goes toward the fulfilment of above-mentioned costs to make the site and podcast self-sustainable. As I don't want to shut down due to any expected events, your support ensures my life's work is available to everyone forever.

My ultimate goal is to become a full-time creative and build Lifestyle Architecture Lab as a company which touches and changes lives. To start with, the goal money will help me move away from my full-time job which consumes my complete day time currently but currently pays my bills and mortgage payments.

Eventually, I'm going to direct the money towards expanding the horizon of the production by hiring an assistant/producer who will help put out in producing more of my creative content, stories, podcasts and eventually giving me the freedom of time to get started with my first book.

Choose your reward -

You will literally be making it possible for me to devote time to create more. There’s nothing more precious than time. I’d much rather be writing stories, work on photojournalism, producing more interesting podcasts, but without patronage, doing all of that stuff doesn’t make the financial sense that my day job does.

If you become my supporter, you’ll receive all the exclusive Patreon only benefits.

Some of the benefits are -
  • Behind the scenes of my podcast
  • Exclusive posts special for the supports
  • Special discounts on my upcoming Lifestyle merchandise store (starting up with advanced utility backpacks, highly utilitarian Tees and prints of exclusive photographs I took on my travels).

Ok, but how this works?

You choose your support tier and then make the payment, you’ll be charged the amount of your tier immediately and then next charge will be from 1st of every month. You’ll immediately unlock all the Patreon exclusive content on my site (link will be in the Thank you message) and all the Patreon feed content will be automatically unlocked.

You can try it out for a month and if you like it keep it up. If you don’t, cancel it. But just know I’ll truly appreciate your support.

Thank you!

I am trying to take life one day at a time and I've learned that time is precious and these are the years when I want to be doing the best work of my life. The amount of time I get to build Lifestyle Architecture Lab is totally up to you. Every dollar counts!

Thanks so much.

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When I reach $500 per month, I'll hire an assistant/producer, who help me release 3 articles per week and take over trivial stuff so that I can put focus on my first book.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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