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Welcome to the official Patreon page for HimeWorks. 

As a proud supporter of the RPG Maker series, my goal is to provide RPG Maker game developers with more opportunities to create the games that they've always wanted to make.

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows you to offer your monetary support to certain individuals or groups. In return for your support, you can get some exclusive bonuses that others might not get!

How does my Patreon work?

If you decide to support me, you can pledge a certain amount of money every month. This amount is processed at the beginning of each month, and will begin the following month once you set a pledge. For example, you pledged on November 14, the first donation will be processed at the beginning of December.

In return for your support, I offer different rewards depending on your pledge level. For example,

  • For $1 or more per month, you can access my patron-only activity log, where I write about development progress for my own plugins, and hold discussions to brainstorm ideas for new plugins. This is a great way for you to get involved in the development process!
  • For $5 or more per month, in addition to exclusive access, you can become a beta tester. Whenever I write a plugin, I may choose to put it through some public testing first, where I allow patrons to get a chance to use it in their projects before anyone else.
  • For $10 or more per month, in addition to exclusive access and beta testing, I will also feature you in my videos from time to time.
  • For $20 or more per month, in addition to exclusive access, beta testing, and video features, I will also provide personalized support for any development you may be doing in the form of Q&A.;
And so on. rewards can be selected during the pledging process, and you can change your pledge at anytime if you wish to donate more or less money.

Why I want your Support
Making resources is a time-consuming process, and it would be great if I had more time to work on them. In particular, when it comes to resource creation, this is the process that I go through for each and every plugin:

And best of all, all of these plugins are free for you to use in your games!
The more support that I can get, the more time I can put towards RPG Maker, and thus, more tools for you.

What if Life Happens and You Need Your Money?

Things happen. Your financial situation might change, or you may decide not to continue to support me.

Patreon is completely voluntary, so you can cancel your pledge at anytime.


Here's some more info about what I do, for those that would like to know more info.
I create various types of content that help game developers.


These are extensions to the RPG Maker game engine and editor that provide specific functionality that developers can use to build their game.

There are many different types of mechanics that developers want to build in their game, but most of the time it is not provided out-of-box, and the editor does not provide you with a nice way to implement them.

I take all of these different mechanics and package them into individual tools that anyone can use so they don't need to worry about how to make them, but rather, how to use them to achieve what they want.


I make videos using RPG Maker. The video itself might not be about RPG Maker, but I think RPG Maker is a great tool that allows you to build an animation quickly and then record it.

All of my videos are available on my Youtube Channel which you can see by clicking here. I make different kinds of videos, ranging from

  • Demonstrations
  • Tutorials
  • Entertainment purpose
  • Content that I want to share, like music or art

Here is an example of a video I made for one of my plugins:

Featured Supporters

De Marco Gaming is a small Indie Company looking to release quality games to multiple platforms. We are interested in helping our community of gamers and designers experience games as they should be, fun and enlightening. You can follow us on twitter @DeMarco_Gaming or click the Logo to head to our website. Thank You for your support.
$49 of $50 per month
I will spend more time writing great tutorials that will show how you can achieve certain things in RPG Maker.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 166 exclusive posts

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