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About Hint

What's up? I'm a huge fan of music and video creation. I make some really amazing and unique music in the genre of hip-hop and rap. my style can mostly be described as old school but I also create a lot of new school kind of music also.

I also create video game content on youtube. and I plan on streaming gameplays soon. 

I create a lot of art generally, and I really enjoy editing photos and essentially making them my own creation.

Please follow my Instagram for a log of everything I do and create.

Currently, I own a nice mic and some headphones, I use free software to record my vocals over beats I get for free online or sometimes I purchase beat licenses if I really like the beat and they don't offer a non-profit option of download. I've learned to mix and master my own vocals so most of the music I create is done by me with the exception of instrumentals. 

Eventually, id like to make world-class music done in expensive studios and try to hold and maintain all my rights as a music artist and potentially profit from it.
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Until i reach a Specific Earning i can only guarantee atleast 1 song a month that isnt Mixed and Mastered.
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