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About HisCursedness

Hello, I'm His Cursedness. I stream 4+ days a week with my unique style of crisp, British accent and genuinely terrible incompetence. It's like watching your grandfather play The Nintendo but he read law at Oxford.

I love playing games that get the community involved, most notably my Crusader Kings 2 series where you are my council, and through your votes the Empire of Italia (nee Lombardy) prospers tears itself to shreds. That's not the only game I play, there's plenty of variety to be seen on my channel.

I also do some other things, like write books and tweet poorly.

By supporting me, you're helping me focus more time on streaming, helping to bring you that truly terrible content you've come to love and expect from Professional Brand HisCursedness.
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On-Stream Dice Roller

When it comes down to polls and tie breakers, I'm currently rolling a d4 on my desk, and it's not visible to anybody. If we get to this tier, I'll purchase Sophie Houlden's Dice and break ties on stream!
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