History of Greece is creating a history podcast

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$1/episode is a great way to support this podcast, since I don't monetize through advertising. You will gain access to the patron-only feed on Patreon, which will include information about upcoming...

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$3/episode will grant you early access to the script versions of the podcasts. Instead of waiting the 7-to-10 days for the script to be posted on the podcast website,

You also will gain acce...

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$5/episode will give you access to a bi-monthly (as in once every two months) Q&A recording. Send in questions about Greek history, archaeology, research, podcasting, etc. and I will answer the...

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$10/episode means that I will send you a free copy of the ebook form of the edited scripts (in either .mobi or .epub). The ebooks will be done by time period and they will be be fully optimized wit...

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Have a burning desire to know all about a topic in Greek history or archaeology? Want to understand why a particular historical theory was debunked or gain deep knowledge of an obscure Greek text? ...