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About History Respawned


The world is currently awash in historical video games, but these games often provide little in the way of background or context for players. Where can interested players turn for knowledge about the past? History Respawned is a video and podcast series where professional historians provide background for players interested in knowing a bit more about their favorite games, and answers questions such as: Is this game historically accurate? Am I getting the full story or is there more to know? What led to the events depicted in this game and what happened after them? With History Respawned, you don’t need to turn to an unreliable Wikipedia entry or even go to the library (you should absolutely do that if you have time, though!). We bring world-renowned scholars, with their decades of reading and expertise, to you to talk about the games and history you love.

The series has already examined the history of piracy as depicted in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, experiments with alternate history in Wolfenstein: The New Order, representations of witchcraft and demonology in Diablo 3, and more. History Respawned looks at the way video games represent the past and how these depictions, narratives and interpretations interact with discussions already going on in academia.


The show is the brainchild of Bob Whitaker, a history professor from Austin, Texas. Bob wanted to find a way to bring his two loves of history and video games together. In particular, he wanted to expose historians to developments in the video games while also presenting gamers with expert scholarship about the past. Thus, History Respawned was born.

In early 2015 Bob invited John Harney, a history professor in Kentucky, to join the project. John teaches a class on history and video games each January and shares Bob’s passion both for encouraging gamers to build on their interest in the history and for introducing experienced scholars to an enthusiastic audience.

We are lifelong gamers and history PhDs. We have the expertise to think about historical issues knowledgeably and critically, and we also have the ability to translate games and gaming conventions to scholars. We love these games and we have faith in the medium’s ability to host and help progress informed discussions about the past.


Why are we looking for patrons like you? Since starting the show, we’ve been weighed down by other commitments (writing, research, teaching, and children). The show will continue without patrons, but with patrons we’ll have the ability to make the show more consistent and better.

For the historically minded gamer, our show provides a way to gain historical context and knowledge in an easily digestible format. For historians, our show provides a new way to present their scholarship to a new audience that is thirsty for expert knowledge, but often doesn’t know where to look for it. With your help as a patron, we will be able to continue to bring gamers and scholars together for the benefit of both sides.

Thank you for your support!
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