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Just as Jefferson saw the British coming from a distance through his looking glass (episode 13), you'll see the episodes coming. We want to give you a behind the scenes look into the podcast (photos and video of recording, editing, little snippets of Greg and Cielle research and more). You'll get it all through Patreon's Lens feature!  

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Welcome to the Revolution, Friend.

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Your devotion is unquestionable. You're ready to burn things down and tar and feather people for this podcast (I am NOT endorsing burning things down or assaulting people in any way shape form, either for this podcast or otherwise)! 

You'll get HTDS "Bonus Content." This includes a Deep Dive on a character from an episode, art, and anything else pertinent to each HTDS episode. 

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Hello History That Doesn't Suck fans! Thank you for your support! If you’re here, chances are you know what HTDS is all about. But let’s do this anyway.

HTDS produces two podcasts/YouTube shows. First, History That Doesn’t Suck is a bi-weekly podcast, delivering a legit, seriously researched, hard-hitting survey of American history through entertaining stories. Second is Office Hours with Greg. Also bi-weekly, it alternates between roundtables where Josh, Cielle, and I go deep on HTDS episodes, and interviews with various guests. These include other professional historians, politicians, public servants, military, and more. In short: I’m putting the “story” back in “history” while keeping it so rigorous yet entertaining, you can’t help but learn everything you need to know about US history.

But I need your help. Each episode of HTDS requires preparing a rigorous, approximately 8,000-word essay (script), carefully crafted to remain narrative-driven and humorous while not compromising historical accuracy. Researching, writing, proofing scripts, editing, recording, and mixing takes an enormous amount of time—well over 50 hours to produce a single, one-hour episode. And that’s just one show! Office Hours has similar needs. These demands on our time, in addition to monthly fixed and variable costs, mean that HTDS can’t keep going without your support.

So thank you for giving. We hope that HTDS will be around for a long time to come, and your choice to become a patron is what makes our longevity a reality. I invite you to look at our different tiers and give what is appropriate to your situation and what perks interest you. And once more: I cannot thank you enough for enabling me to make this resource available to the world.

Your Friend and Professor,

Greg Jackson, Ph.D. (Creator, Host, Head Writer, Head Researcher, Leader of Men, Wearer of Glasses)
Josh Beatty (Producer, Doer of Podcast Sundries, God of Sound, Magician of Mixing)
Cielle Salazar (Senior Writer, Senior Researcher, Goddess of Organization, Queen of Libraries)

PS: If you are currently taking a university course from me, please do NOT sign up. I thank you for your interest, truly, but I feel that would be a conflict of interests and will kindly reject your donation the moment I notice you're here. You're welcome back here when you're not my student, but until then, just enjoy listening!

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