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Skimming the Surface

$1 /mo
Access to the Activity Feed, including some behind-the-scenes work in progress posts! You'll get sneak peeks at stories as I write them!

Dipping a Toe In

$3 /mo
Access to the Activity Feed, plus you will receive an ebook copy (all formats) of any new Dawn Vogel titles published through DefCon One Publishing. (This does not include MSJ or our anthologies, o...

Letters from the Seashore

$5 /mo
At this level, you get the rewards from the previous levels, AND I'll send you a monthly postcard with a message to you. Some of these will be postcards that I've made myself. There may be stickers...

Look at This Stuff!

$20 /mo
At this level, you'll get the rewards from previous levels, AND each month, I'll send you a small crocheted item. (If you're an international backer looking at this level, let's talk.)

Diving in the Deep End

$50 /mo
At this level, you'll get all of the rewards at the lower levels, AND I will critique a short story (500-8,000 words) that you've written each month. (We can negotiate on longer items.)