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Hello, and welcome to my Patreon!

You may be asking why I am asking for donations for a blog page, especially from a website like Wix where basic websites are free.

Well, I specialize in history (If you couldn't have guessed) and to access old newspaper clippings, documents, and books to confirm information *does* cost money. The problem I find with most Youtube users I follow who specialize in the same information I share is that they cannot back up their information with factual evidence a lot of the time. I'm not trying to call anyone out, I'm just saying that I like to dig deeper and be sure that my information is as accurate as possible, if you've looked at my page, I've covered history all the way back to the Stone Age! So yeah, I like to cover everything as accurately as possible. While many resources are free, just as many are not. Your donation helps me to access these resources.

Also, if you haven't noticed, or aren't aware, I use a SUB-domain, which means that the website address isn't entirely mine, and the .com address is not reserved for me. With your donation, I can "rent" (for lack of a better word) the domain for just a few dollars a year and have my own unique domain. I can also access SEO, or search engine optimization, which helps people find my page, and the more viewers, the better!

I am holding off on using my own domain name as long as possible while I build an audience, as it isn't too important to me right now, so your donation will primarily be used for accessing old records, documents, etc. I will have easy access to all that I need to publish the best material for you all :)

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you haven't already, please check out my blog! It would make me very happy to have more people stop by and see what I have been doing on my page. I am always hunting for interesting topics to cover, and I usually try to post 3 times per week, so there is almost always something new for you to enjoy! 

Thank you again, and have a great day!
- Sam

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