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Introduction to the Show

HITM is social evolution and biography wrapped up in storytelling. If you exploit a class what does resistance look like? What characters from the past have made huge gambles that either saved or destroyed an entire society? What government springs up after peace compared to revolution? These questions are best answered with stories. Stories that shape us today both on a personnel and societal level. John Adam sums it up well.
“The foundation of every government is some principle or passion in the minds of the people. The noblest principles and most generous affections in our nature then, have the fairest chance to support the noblest and most generous models of government.” – John Adams

Together we can find the passions that cause nations to be born, societies to flourish, and, occasionally, cause them to collapse.

Why create a show? Why start with Greece?

In early 2016 I was learning about Greece via the founding father’s relationship with Sparta, Thucydides’ History of the Peloponnesian War, a pretty sweet video game (not gonna lie…), and when my wife bought me Melissa Lane’s The Birth of Politics it sealed the deal. Almost everything I was interested in had something to do with Greece. I decided to go full bore and really learn about Ancient Greece – Its general history, culture, politics, the way they reacted to hardship and how their thinking shaped us today. Then, I thought to myself “I’m already doing 90% of the work with all the reading I’m doing so I might as well start a show!” I was very, very wrong.

Research is only one part of the show (obviously…). There is also behind the scenes tech stuff, recording, editing, sound effects, music, storytelling and various other learning curves. After a year and a half of production and learning the trade I have an established vision of what I want the show to be and now feel I now have something of value to offer.

I need your help!

By episode 21 I estimate I’ve put about 1,000 hours into the show (that includes everything, building the website, learning the technical side of things, creating artwork, etc.). – That is on top of a normal day job. Here is where you come in. On top of hours there are a surprising amount of expenses for running a podcast (audio licensing fees, hosting fees, website domain, etc.). It’s a pleasure to produce this show for a great audience but it’s your support that keeps it going!

I want to bring history alive and donations you make will help me do that. Whether it is $1 or $10 an episode it makes the show come to life.

$35 of $50 per episode
  • Bonus Episode! When the show reaches its first goal I will create a bonus episode telling one of the many stories found during research but didn't have time to include in the normal episodes.
  • This will also be enough to cover expenses of the show and allow me to start looking at improving the music, sound effects and sound quality. One example: upgrading to more power audio editing software.  
  • I will also expand the reward tiers and add a new goal and reward (okay, this is more just keeping you in the loop than a reward, but it’s something I’ll do).
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