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About Hit The Road Music Studio

Welcome ! Vanlife meets Audio Recording and good vibes !

My name is Adrian "Ady" Parzentny and I travel the world to record unique street artists that I meet on the road and create Music Videos with them as a support for their heritage, culture and region.
Our Music reached out to over 700,000+ listener in the first year what is incredible

The idea behind is to show the beauty in diversity of cultures and our way to bring this message is through the universal language of music .. and I just love to record & mix music

You can find the videos in the Hit the Road Music studio Playlist on YouTube, feel free to listen the playlist while reading :) 

Making a "win:win:win" out of the current "lose:lose"

During the COVID 19 Pandemic we had to cancel 3 album productions, ready for realisation, supporting amazing, young, established Moroccan Artists

This albums should support the culture and heritage of the Amazigh Tribes (also know as Berber), the native moroccan people with their unique colourful culture.

I created over 40+ Music Videos for free or in exchange for food and accommodation, but theeeen came the lockdown .. so we make the best, positive out of it - this campaign !

Long story short - the Situation !

Check this out: The artists can't earn at the moment what means they can't pay us for the recording so it's a lose:lose situation we are in at the moment

But we work on it and we can change it together to a triple win!

                     The Benefits for all of us 

1# With your support the Artists can continue to create and realise their music with a professional audio quality that is often not affordable/possible for the artists
This will help to open them the gates to international stages

2# With your support we can be able to continue and finance our Music project, so the money will be reinvested in better equipment for a better quality and we can discover more hidden treasures and music around the globe

3# With your support you get exclusive access to a 20 min. documentary about the recording process of the Album, 1 week early-bird access to the album, album download and access to unreleased material and exclusive patreon videos

We have also options for Uber Fans who will get a beautiful, signed postcard from the Bands, doesn't matter where you are on this planet ! :)

Additionally I will make a daily Blog about the campaign where you can follow the progress

After every day of the Album production we will make a video together and let YouTube know about the recording stage and progress 

You see - tripple win :) Hop on and join us on our journey !

Here is the music of both bands that we are supporting, we have 2 different goals setup due to different productions

Tasuta N-Imal from the Moroccan Highlands, +85.000 views - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4RJYBa0huY

Zegro Band - Yan Akolo Nga (We are all the same) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewLDj1zN4zQ

My part here 

I work basically more than with a regular job (around 10 - 12 hours per day) to create content, find musicians, setup the next routes, create podcasts and more videos every single day to spread the message and put my full heart and soul into it.

Additionally I do podcasts and tell the story behind the songs, called "Soundguy Stories" and give Mixing, Recording and Producing tips 

Here are all social media links


Webpage with Artist interviews and much more:

Who am I ?

In 2017 I got curious about sound engineering as it combines the musical and technical side of me – a creative new fusion.

With 150 productions in the last 1 1/2 years I could gain a lot of knowledge and practice for recording, mixing and mastering.

What's so cool about a mobile recording studio ?

We can record your songs wherever musicians feel comfortable !

I have carefully chosen mic’s for every situation as well as industry standard software for Mixing and Mastering 

Any questions ?

I LOVE to help musicians, new engineers or just interested people with any kind of question about recording basics, where to start, where to go, what we are doing and to give tips for traveling.

I added a learning section on my webpage where I recommend Books, Articles, podcasts and YouTube videos for Engineers and musicians - of course for free.


I'm excited and looking forward to get this thing rollin' with you, this is our creative path, join us on this journey !

Thanks for checking, enjoy the music and we hope you discover some new bands for your playlist :)

Adrian "Ady" Parzentny
Hit The Road Music Studio
$51.24 of $1,398 per month
My dear Patreons ! THANK YOU, with your support we could go to the desert and finish Izouran N-Saharas Album that will be in your inbox soon ! 

Next goal:

This is our goal to realise the planed Album Production for Zegro Band's debut Album

We will record 5 complex songs and remix and remaster 2 older ones to fit the album + adding one track that we recorded in March 2020 

Yan Akolo Nga - We are all the same | Recorded in March 2020 with us 

Following costs are covered:

In this process we will be 3 - 5 day's in the Studio
2 - 3 weeks of Editing, Mixing and Mastering work 
Copyright protection 
Song distribution on Online Music Platforms

Additionally we will get musical peripherals like new Guitar strings, new Drum Heads etc. for the best sound at the source

Our costs for food and accommodation will be covered as well

Find out more about Zegro Band: 

The best thing is that we will reinvest the money and upgrade our equipment as well as travel to more countries and discover more artists

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, you rock !!! 

BTW if we go over the goal we will be able to support more wonderful Artists on our Journey and finance their new Album
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 19 exclusive posts

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